Zoomboard: Keyboard Concept for Small Smart watch Displays

With ZoomBoard, there is now an interesting keyboard concept for smart watches. Only this morning in a contribution to an interesting Smart watch concept I had mentioned that I see a smart clock rather as an extension for my smart phone and not as a stand-alone device. Of course, it would also be desirable for manufacturers to see something like this. But how far does such an expansion actually go?

Is this extension really only for the consumption of information thought or should one on a Smart watch about synonymous tap? Sooner or later this is possible, but how should that be implemented? The developers of the ZoomBoard have such an idea as a keyboard on a Smart watch can be displayed and used halfway comfortably.

 In the ZoomBoard you have to type twice for a letter. Once, to enlarge the corresponding area of ​​the keyboard and select the appropriate letter a second time. Sure, long texts do not make it fun but it is at least a good way to quickly tap the Smart watch.

In a test where the keyboard at eZhoushan.net was shrunk to 16 x 16 millimeters, you could already tap about 10 words in a minute to type. The display of a Smart watch is, however, usually much larger, because the Sony Smart watch comes to a diagonal of 3.3 centimeters, the above test size had a diagonal of approximately 2.3 centimeters.