As I promised, today I will show you a little of my party best, Aline, who in addition to working with Media, still has a blog M-A-R-A and super gorgeous, Aline Approves!

The party was of Wonder Woman theme that, in fact, turned into Wonder Aline! Everything was customized by the mother of the birthday girl that rocked! It looked like a children’s party because there was so much candy. The result? A few extra pounds further from the hot mama project!

For starters, I’m going to show the look of Aline I was wonder woman Diva. Her shirt has been customized in the same place where I got mine, and she adapted a “the” in the symbol of Wonder Woman that was very creative.

The party decor was custom dictated the tone of the party at 3D letters with the name of the birthday girl also made the biggest hit because they referred to comic books, not to mention the wonderful cake Michellix which was besides being beautiful was still divine. Another high point of the party, were decorated cookies of Sweet Julia. I managed to get a couple of 4 home and fought over here!

At the tables of guests, we made the famous bottles and put some artificial flowers, a Wonder Woman hyper blonde cute boy made the birthday girl and still put some sweet spread (which did not fit in the candy table! ).

You can call me mom drool machine, but Lucca was very nice in the pictures, aren’t you?!
In fact, the pictures were taken by Thiago Veronez of Veronez Photo, which razed in clicks!

And then divas, what do you think of the party?

I hope you have enjoyed the ideas and that inspires you!

Wonder Woman Party Ideas For Birthday and Baby Shower
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