Wolf of The Battlefield: Commando Comes to Android… and Is a Disaster

CAPCOM seems to loves to give us a lime and another of sand. It is as if we were in one of those toxic relationships in which one is able to receive all or nothing. In 1942 put us rather to control a UFO, instead of a plane, while in Ghosts ´n Goblins dazzled us for bringing us a well done port.

We have the third title in the four announced very little and know by Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando. That classic arcade that was able to gather to her around to all the dudes, and that was not it, to see how they threw grenades and emulated the same aggressive character starring Stallone, now available on Android.

Installed, two minutes of play and asked for refund

One is a follower of the classic games of several companies, and there are titles like Commando, which has a place in the heart of many players He had opportunity to see the “older” to spending those coins of 5 hard.

And see, as neither CAPCOM is capable of supporting controls, what would put you this game on another position more worthy of having, is to be a little real and say that they have been nothing more than two minutes of play to ask for refund of the same.

Is not that the game is poorly designed, but controls it seems that they are made with “bad idea”. Rather than having a stick with two buttons for shooting and granada, granada button on the left side and put in automatic mode tripping.

And to top it off, there comes a time that It seems that you are dancing with the enemy as if you were playing the game of snake. Self won’t tarnish those memories of hours spent watching others playing the great commandos of the machines, so let “pristine” memory, uninstall.

Little more can be said than what was said, since if at least support to controls, it could appreciate pixel art and that port brought to mobile devices. But we stayed here, not knowing what to say and asking CAPCOM, What have they done with this game?

Wolf of the BF:Commando MOBILE1.00.10

  • Version of Android: from 4.0
  • Developer: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 1.19€
  • Category: Arcade