The new major update of Windows 10 you will arrive in less than two weeks. The call Creators Update It will integrate a number of fixes, improvements and new features, many of which precisely are aimed, as the name suggests, digital artists and creators.

Microsoft officials have confirmed that this update will begin to offer automatically and gradual users from April 11. New tools for 3D design, native support of that mixed reality and practical developments such as a night light mode support are some of the keys to update according to Microsoft.

Creators and gamers: to create and enjoy with Windows 10

In this update, one of the main innovations is the arrival of 3D Paint for all users of Windows 10. It is the first time that the legendary Paint application is renewed as greedy, and in this case offers tools to create 3D objects easily.

That novelty is compounded by the integration of the technology of mixed reality that will allow that very soon Windows 10 users can enjoy experiences that immersive augmented reality and virtual reality mix. Manufacturers such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP or Lenovo will offer at the end of the year the first glasses of mixed reality from 299 dollars, and it will be then when we can judge whether or not the Microsoft proposal is as striking as it seems.

There are also innovations in the segment of the game, but only to carry out broadcasts of their games in direct. Creators Update we have Beam, an application that helps to make this type of streaming video with items that you can enjoy both the PC and the Xbox One. ‘Very low’ latency about helping the creators of this type of content to easily distribute those videos.

In this area of the game we also have the new mode of Windows 10 game that makes that when activated PC devoted more resources at the games. The Xbox One actually wins some additional news both on your desktop and in how it handles multitasking and even a parental control to limit the use of the console (and the PC with Windows 10) the younger.

Improvement practices, more interesting yet

There are also changes in the browser Microsoft Edge, which according to Microsoft will allow to save battery life on portable computers and that it also helps to avoid threats of phishing and malware. In the field of best practices include the new mode of night light that brightness and colors on the screen when it is done at night.

At the practical level, it is interesting the mini mode playback with a small window in PiP mode to view a window sobreimpresionada with the video with a series or a videoconference in any part of your screen while we carry out any other task.

Especially striking is the new option of Windows Hello, which will make it possible use any device iOS, Android or Windows Phone matched to detect when we move away from the computer and automatically block it. Also added new controls on updates and privacy, which expect to tackle criticisms that in recent times have emerged with respect to Windows 10 in these themes.

Windows 10 Creators Update Will Arrive on April 11: Review All The Innovations That Brings