Hello fashionásticaaas,

but a week which begins (ufaaaa …), more tasks, posts, things from home – because I’m a housewife, also right-and of course, you who read this bróguinho made with lots of love to you.

To start very well, let’s recap here the last posts of the day 07 until 16. I’ve seen it on some blogs and I thought I’d post it for you. PREPARES THE AGENDA AND NOTE THE TIPS!

1. My Favorite Hair Products (07/04)

I have listed 8 items well sensational that I use on my curls and they work super well. Nominate this post + video for anyone who wants to give that UP in capillary schedule this week.

2. MARSALA: How to Use the Color of the Year in Your Daily Life (09/04)

I love this post! Has many tips of looks with color, glazes and makes with this wonderful color that will make you rock fall-winter. Note the tips because they are great!

3. DIY Lip Scrub–Inspired by the LUSH Bubblegum! (12/04)

This is another post which I loved. Is a post + video of a do-it-yourself of a lip scrub very easy to do.Super recommend especially if you love lipsticks and, like me, always gets flaky lips … boring too. But, your problems are over! HAHAHA Watch and read the post for more information.

4. Listen to the New Song of Hillary Duff: “Sparks” (13/04)

Nice post of our collaborator diva, Carol. In that post, she showed the new song of actress/singer Hillary Duff who, by the way, I did get hooked… The music is very cool!! Worth the click.

5. My 10 Favorite Moments of the First 3 Days of SPFW (16/04)

As you’ve noticed, I was a few days without posting because the pc was bad (again!!), but I brought a post worthy of redemption… hahah

I listed 10 amazing moments of the first 3 days of parades of the São Paulo Fashion Week and the post is great!

In addition to the posts of the LF, I selected 3 direct links to posts of my super cool girlfriends bloggers for you to read.

  1. CurlyGal–Review Sambalanço–Lola Cosmetics: you know that I love a hint to the curls. So I wanted to share with you this review more explained by Julia’s blog Cafe + Lipstick.
  2. How to use high-waisted pants: This post is a salvation gentee!! The Lari blog With Lipstick and Everything posted a wonderful guide on how to use waist high for various types.
  3. es of silhouette. Is or is not a super information runs hot.
  4. Trend: jump Tratorado:  if there’s one trend that I want to risk is that… I QUEROOOO! If you are giving the crazy like me, see this post in the blog May Manhas Vieira.
  5. Informatio-how to get organized?: One thing I want to do in life: Exchange. The Pri’s blog Pictures and Things (êta blog liiindo!) brings several succinct and detailed tips for those who want to play in the world and learn a new language.
What Happened on the Blog-07 the 16/04
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