Warp. Shift: a Hypnotic and Addictive Game of Puzzles from The Creators of Galaxy on Fire

In a game mobile almost one could say that there is what could be termed as ‘sota, caballo and King’. Which means that We must focus on taking the player directly to the gameplay that so engages without losing time in tutorials, menus and others; It is what is being sought in a casual game.

Warp Shift, what’s new from the creators of the series Galaxy on Fire, is the best example of what needs to be done so that a player becomes addicted to a video game. A title that It is able to hypnotize by the original the mechanics of game, 3D and animations as well made, with the protagonist as the center of an audiovisual through time travel and space.

An enigmatic puzzle starring Pi

PI is the protagonist of Warp Shift, in which is practically a puzzle game in which we will have to move the different rooms that nice girl can fly. She finds herself trapped in a mysterious old camera, which seems to go to a distant planet where the laws of physics are different from ours.

We will be able slide the different boxes to find the combination adequate, so that Pi is able to cross them and thus to find the exit. This gameplay, presents a video game that boasts a technical realisation at high altitude and that is intended to immerse in 5 worlds with 15 levels each.

A video game to relax and consider well the movements will do, since these will be limited and will mean the difference between achieving the level with three stars, or pass it almost rushed to get one.

As we go through the levels, appear various obstacles like those doors of different colors I will have to know how to match so that our protagonist is able to go through them and find the exit.

Warp Shift is a nicely raised game and that from the first second takes you directly to the ‘core’ of the same for you so stay drunk relaxing and addictive that can be play a game. All the prepared technical elements are used for that capacity of hook at the first hurdle, so it becomes a highly recommended game for these days approaching Easter.

Warp Shift1.0.6

  • Version of Android: from 4.0
  • Developer: Deep Silver
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Puzzles