W3C Publishes Complete HTML5 Specifications

The main market of the browsers support the features HTML5 for years but it was only this week that the W3C, responsible for the standardization of the web agency, published the final specifications of HTML5 and 2D Canvas. From now on, developers can use a stable technology into their applications and pages without fear that something is removed or added to HTML5.

Despite the HTML5 specifications are complete, it is still not a W3C standard. The agency will also promote a series of activities to ensure that browsers, client email, content management systems and servers are fully compatible with the technology. This should last until mid-2014, when HTML5 is definitely standardized.

Now that the specifications have been finalized, no resources will be added to HTML5.All news will be for HTML 5.1, which had its first draft published this week and includes extensions that improve accessibility and add features such as responsive images and adaptive streaming. The expectation is that the HTML 5.1 arrives in 2016, but it is likely that the new features are tested well before considering the fast Chrome and Firefox development cycle.

As reminds the Verge, a key issue is not yet resolved: the tag <video>, which displays videos without the need for plugins, has not set codec. While Google and Mozilla fight for the adoption of VP8, Apple and Microsoft want browsers to adopt H.264. The balance is tilting H.264, which is already being widely used, but the W3C also encourages the creation of a completely royalty-free codec.