There are already several indications that come from the other side of the pond in relation to really ugly practices by large U.S. operators in relation to the tethering. Seems to be a Verizon and AT & T not like its users to make excessive use of the rates paid to how portable devices or tablets connected to WiFi zones created with mobile, which could be starting to combat that practice with a somewhat suspicious maneuvers.

The news has jumped on the Android Market, where applications for Tethering as Wireless Tether they are ceasing to be accessible Since the networks of AT & T or Verizon. The first of these operators, in fact, has begun to send messages to users of Android and IOS that they have done jailbreak in the terminal and use tethering with standalone applications. At & T warns that, if they continue using, on the next invoice you could apply them specific tethering plan 45 additional dollars that the company sets.

At first, it seems that this incipient campaign refers to abusive uses of flat rates by specific users, which would make some sense, but it is not known if it also includes plans with maximum consumption data, which would be less understandable. In any case, continues to be very ugly that an operator lock any tethering option, or do the same with a third party application that theirs is not. We will continue with these outbreaks of information crossing fingers so that European operators do not begin to take the worst examples.

Verizon and at & T Could Be Fighting The Tethering on Android and IOS