Tune Up Your Nose And Face With Makeup-Tips Step By Step

How to tune the nose with makeup is a question that continues to be made. Most women want to be with a thin nose, less wide or upturned and don’t know how.Plastic surgery is a way to sharpen the nose, but in addition to the high cost, the invasive that is difficult for most people, so many of them appeal to the makeup.

If you have a nose for “potato” or wider nose, split up some tips infallible, that if they are well done will make all the difference in your look. In addition to tips on how to tune the nose, lift a bit the tip of him giving a slight snub nose, you’ll learn how light the face and let him thinner with makeup. Check out tips below and the makeup step by step to fine-tune the nose and face:

How To Tune The Nose With Makeup

The first step is to prepare your face for makeup, as you usually do. The trick is to clean the skin by washing, then toning and moisturizing, protection against the effects of the Sun, Use a SOAP ideal for your type of skin, removing all the impurities.

Next apply a primer to make a single color in the whole face, in addition to seal and make the makeup stay longer lasting. It is important to a range of a few minutes between a product and another for better absorption.

When passing the base on the whole face, the tip is to use a foam applicator if she is creamier. The ideal color is tanned body part. Use a lighter at the bottom of the base makeup or in the center of the face that will enlighten and darker on the sides of the face and nose to give shade and have the effect of thinning or fine tune.

The outline should be done with Brown base, passing around the face, like a frame, the forehead around the hair, focusing on the temples and at the height of the middle of the eyes. On the face, apply a dark base under the cheek bones, high in the eyelids, spreading toward the top of the ear and on the sides of the nose, taking care to fume, avoiding marks and leaving the natural look. To lift slightly at the tip of your nose, dark base at the bottom of the tip.

Finalise your makeup with a blush.

Makeup Tips To Tune Up Your Nose And Face

An important tip is to use the correct brush for each step of makeup that will sharpen your nose and face. To base Brown or dark, use a thicker brush and flat. For blush, use a large brush to dust.

You can find in the market today, multifunction products that will streamline your work and ensure a perfect makeup.

Tune Up Your Nose and Face with Makeup: Tips Step by Step
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