Then came the trip to the north-western part of Zealand.

Telia and Telenor’s new total 3 g network now covers a large part of North and Western Zealand. It writes Telenor in a press release.

TT network provides now for 3 g to Telenor and Telia’s customers in Roskilde, frederiksværk, frederikssund, Jaegerspris, køge, Tåstrup, Holbæk, Nykøbing Sjælland, Kalundborg as well as the areas around these cities.

-“3 g-the amalgamation in the night and last week means that a large proportion of our customers will experience much better coverage when they’re talking in mobile phone and goes on the Web from their smartphone or tablet. The reason is that we have increased the number of 3 g cell towers in the area. For example, we have increased the number of master in Holbæk from 47 to 77, which corresponds to 63 percent. It’s improvements, it usually takes 3-5 years to achieve, “said network Director of Telenor Richard S.

The merger also means that there are established 3 g coverage in a number of areas where previously there was no 3 g coverage. It is, among other things, about the Holbæk Ø, at sjællands Odde in Camps V and N, Roskilde N by Veddelev and Himmelev, Gørløse and Jægerspris S.

Overview of the merger

On the following images two images be seen how big a difference the merger means in each area.

Graphical overview

Telenor’s technicians have produced a couple of pictures that show the effect of the merger. These images, however, is slightly different than the telecommunications company’s normal coverage map showing the coverage from Consumer Ombudsman guidelines, which have very different criteria for the illustration of the cover.

Remember, therefore, that the following images cannot be directly compared with the company’s normal coverage map.

Explanation of colors:
Blue color means 3 g indoor coverage
Red means 3 g “in car” coverage (i.e. coverage in car)
Green means 3 g outdoor coverage.

The pictures show only 3 g coverage, so any 2 g or 4 g coverage is not included.


TT Network Now Covers Roskilde, Holbæk and Kalundborg, Koge