Timeless Or Trendy: 12 Casual Fashion Basics For Spring (Part 1)

Are you anyway? Once the spring comes, I have the urge to take my wardrobe of a complete overhaul. I search my base wardrobe after timeless fashion basics and think about how I can spice up these with contemporary fashion trends. It is often so that I must replace only a fashion classic against a trendy piece of clothing, shoes and bag in the outfit and already the whole look looks modern.

So I’ll show you today and in two other contributions, looks like my fashion mix of timeless and trendy pieces for the leisure wardrobe. What are the timeless basics that make up the backbone of my casual looks? And how can be this the trend components of the season combined with? Be inspired by my selection for your own casual look!

The series includes three blog posts “Timeless or trendy…”:

  • Timeless fashion basics for your leisure wardrobe part 1:12
  • Part 2:12 trendy alternatives for your modern casual look
  • Timeless and trendy accessories for the casual look part 3:12

Timeless T-Shirts and casual blouses – modern but now again!

1 solid basic-T-shirts – without not going

My leisure wardrobe would be unthinkable without this absolute basic: the simple T-Shirt. I would even say: plain T-Shirts in your base and accent colors include the ground floor of every leisure wardrobe. These should be cut so that can they flatter your figure type and implement your favorite look so. Also, remember your favorite layered look!

Scour your wardrobe for wide or narrow, straight or fitted cut, longer or shorter, short – or long-sleeved T-shirts with cut-out shapes, that suit your figure. And make sure that the shirts in his best are: smooth and flawless.

2. the stripy shirt – a classic that is now again anywhere to see

This striped shirt by Marc Cain sports is one of my favorites, because it has a beautiful wide neckline – good for the A-type.

I have written over striped shirts here already very extensively. You know that I love them. So it is good, that strips in any manner and on any piece of clothing are just fashionable again said. In the spring, the fashionistas show inflationary again with this timeless fashion Basic. No matter. I want any time.

3. the denim shirt – was it ever really out?

A denim shirt is a rugged basic part for your leisure wardrobe. It can be in so many different ways – in the layered look! -combine, that it can really integrate every woman in a dress. So it is good, that jeans is the stuff of fashion designer dreams and experienced a revival in the coming season. So, Get out your denim shirt from the furthest corner of the Cabinet!

4. the tunic – flattering versatility is the key

This tunic  as described in informal clothes is a hit: transparent inserts, a combined round-neck Keyhole neckline and rounded hems and the pattern are a dream. And the colors for the winter type of ideal.

Tunic-style blouses are since Jahr(zehnt)en from the fashion industry. If your tunic is now far, stained or narrow and sleek, depends on your personal style. With me in the closet, there is always at least a tunic in the accent color of my favorite anyway. You can quickly throw on a pair of jeans and the casual easy chic is perfect for the leisure.

The sweater for the basis of your leisure wardrobe

5. the simple V-neck sweater

The simple, smooth knitted V-neck sweater (summer) cashmere has fixed his place in my fashion arsenal. I have him in my basic colors and also a copy in a bright accent color. So a V-neck sweater can be worn plain and pure to the jeans. Or he’s going hung, scarf as a replacement for a bound quite good super casual to the hips themselves but also loosely over the shoulders. And you know what? On this kind of sweater is just mega said. If your ideal sweater has a round neck: well!

Jeans – the eternal leisure pants for all walks of life

6. the white Bootcut jeans – taste of summer sun

The White Bootcut jeans by angels is manufactured in Europe and Powerstretch for female curves – I like!

The Sun, my white Bootcut jeans comes back into play. So a white jeans classic has several advantages: it makes your look instantly light, friendly, frühlingshafter. The White has a more noble character than light jeans blue and can join in your spare time also on occasions, that are not so casual. Furthermore, white suits really any color and any pattern of your wardrobe – promised.

And by the way: white can be worn on the lower body also from other types of color as only the cool winter type. If you are still not convinced: the Bootcut cut is one of the best silhouettes at all the classics under the jeans cuts and for very many figure types.

7. the figure near slim jeans – because it is a layer-look-basic

A slim cut jeans is always a good idea in a well-stocked leisure wardrobe. Why? Because it is the ideal basis for many looks. A she a voluminöseres upper part proportional perfectly complemented (for example, a more tunic). On the other hand, it is a perfect Foundation for the layered look, which is announced in the spring.

Whether your ideal jeans is now just narrow and straight cut or a really skinny skinny variant, is up to your personal preference. And also the color that you choose depends on your own individual color map , which in turn is related to your figure type together. Simply decide whether your narrow jeans should be rather bright or dark, rather blue, grey or black.

A dress with laxity factor that always fits

8. the shirt dress – an all-round classic with recreational potential

This blouse dress has everything you need a blouse dress for me: it is narrow and pure, but has a feminine silhouette and consists of a carrier-friendly stretch cotton blend.

I have described in detail here you why I love the shirt dress , in the blog. Why it’s really portable for every figure type and how you can style it in different ways for different occasions.

I wear the blouses dress very like in different versions both professionally and in the spare time. It combines the simple, uncomplicated nonchalance, I’m looking for in my spare time for me, with a structure very much like my body. If your leisure classic is rather a wrap dress, this is also a very attractive, comfortable and timeless Variant.

Leisure jackets, which can be combined to really any casual look

9. the Biker jacket – timeless, cool, simply always perfect

And there it is again: the Biker jacket. Once the thick winter coats and jackets have played out, it is immediately used. I throw them just about everything – everything. And it looks kinda good. Read how to find your ideal Biker jacket and how you combine them in my series to this fashion classic.

Perhaps another note: A Biker jacket must be not always black!

10. the denim jacket – reliably, variable, but best in the breach of style

This denim jacket from Bogner has everything I like: waist, shirt collar and chest pockets. I have it in white.

So a jeans jacket is always a good idea when it comes to relaxing leisure activities. It is robust, hard-wearing and makes a lot of things if need be. And it lasts forever. Of course, the denim jacket to jeans and a T-Shirt can be combined and the simple casual look is finished. It is somewhat sophisticated but when you combine them in breach of the style – for example, to a somewhat playful tunic, a classic blouse or a culotte of fabric. A denim jacket to the maritime striped shirt is unbeatable. And it will remain so whatever.

11. the quilted vest – as practical against spring freshness

If it’s so hot that I need no jacket at all, but still a bit cozy warmth to the body is not hurt, my waist is the ideal compromise. Just throw on a sweater or a long-sleeved T-Shirt and the freshness of spring can come.

The coat for the transitional period – even more, sometimes less casual

12. the trench – coat classic

The absolute classic and any investment value: a trench coat from Burberry. I have one in black, beige and raspberry red – for many years and no end in sight.

When there is a coat classic, immediately at the first hint of spring to become one of the pieces of clothing commonly worn by me, it is the trench coat. A trench coat can represent all levels of elegance – perhaps with the exception of events with “great robe”. He is always the necessary class outfits from jeans and a T-Shirt.

There is also this Coat Evergreen in the meantime in all imaginable colours, patterns and shapes. I still like the original by Burberry. The colors I’ll beige and black to the classics. A very light trenchcoat in Raspberry red but comes for the summer. I can simply not different…

So, that’s it for today by me. You know my timeless spring basics, which I again dig out of really in any season, now. With one caveat: I skipped my Blazer collection. Also Blazer can be used namely for the leisure – just think of the “Magical fashion triangle” – but they are actually not typical leisure-Basic. Therefore I not recorded it in this discussion. You can replace at any time but of course your Biker jacket or your denim jacket with a Blazer. By the way, the same applies to skirts. If a certain rock belongs to your timeless leisure basics: put it in your base spring wardrobe! With Blazer and skirt cover more events in case of doubt, which are no longer quite so relaxed.

Here you can see once again all basic parts of my leisure wardrobe for spring (unfortunately most of the pictured products are already sold out; Affiliate-Links):

Next week I will make proposals, how you replace the one or the other classical basic through trendy variants. Of course, only, if you like, and if it fits your style and your character.

How do you like my list so far? Do you have more timeless classics that are indispensable for your casual look?