Smartphones are capable of doing a lot of things. Inside, sometimes without knowing it, they hide a lot of functions the sea of useful. Get out is difficult as it requires to explore well our mobile to search how to squeeze it. We now want it you put a little easier.

Therefore we not bring either five or ten but thirteen tricks of the Samsung Galaxy S5. We told you about it, and we look for you, but now we have to tell you all what hides inside. Perfect to clear doubts and buy one, or find out how well you know your mobile. Are you ready? We started.

Make screenshots

We started with a classic of Android smartphones but not everyone controls. Do you know how to make a screenshot? You only have to press the Start button, the down, and power at the same time. You will hear a click which indicates that the image has been saved. Perfect for storing WhatsApp talks. As you can see, it is a standard for many mobile phones with Android method.

Speed camera

Do you feel that the camera is a bit slow? Don’t worry, go to the settings menu to download the latest update. Includes many improvements including the make the camera much faster when you open. It will take a bit to download but it is very necessary and useful.

Configure the fingerprint sensor

Would you like to give an extra security to mobile? Configure the fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone with your finger. For this you have to go to the menu settings, security, and perform the configuration before you can use your finger. Easy, simple and very effective.

How to use the mode of fast download

One of the lesser-known options of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is its fast download mode. What does mean? I can use the Wi-Fi and 4 G at the same time to download files more quickly. You’ll find this option in the network settings menu.

Selective focus for best photos

One of the novelties of the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is its selective approach. This will make a part is completely focused and the rest remains blurred. Try to use this option, you have it as a way of tripping over while we use the camera application. You are going to need a little pulse, but the results are worth.

Accelerate back to the beginning of the menu

Surely you know that when you click the home button will return you to the desktop. Do you feel it is a little slow? Very simple, just disable the voice S application in the settings menu so that it goes faster. This slowdown is due to when you press once the mobile waiting to do it a second time if we want to launch this wizard’s voice.

Tele 4K? Get out of the camera recording video

What do you my Samsung Galaxy S5 can record video in 4K? Effectively. This option is not enabled by default, and we have to go to the camera application and change the video settings to activate it. The quality is spectacular. Try it, it is worth.

Battery-saving mode you can save a disgust

How many times we has it been that we want to squeeze the battery? Samsung Galaxy S5 extreme saving mode we will have the most basic and fundamental options while hardly we will consume energy. Perfect to hurry the last hours of the day. You have this option in settings.

Use the device with gloves, now in winter but not Yes

Okay, now it does especially heat to wear gloves but when cold you can do so. In the setting, on-screen menu, you can activate the additional sensitivity that allows you to use the screen without having to sit with frozen hands. Very useful.

How to use the mode with one hand

You made very large screen and want to use it with one hand? Go to the quick settings menu and active mode of a hand. Subsequently, slide the finger from the upper right corner toward the Center to reduce the size of the screen. Get the gesture upside down to bring it back to its normal size. More convenient to use now?

Do you know how to use the Start button?

The Start button, which is at the bottom, behaves differently if you press it several times. A US only returns to the home menu, doing so twice will jump the application voice S. Finally, leaving it down for a few seconds, skip the application Google Now. You know all that?

Change your launcher to make it more simple

Do you think that your Samsung Galaxy S5 there are plenty things on the desktop? We encourage you to try a launcher to make it lighter. There are some very complete, useful and free. We recommend you Go Ex Launcher and Launcher Nova but there are many more to choose from.

Update your mobile to be always up to date

Another classic trick. Make sure that you are the last reading technology blogs Free Android to Engadget to find out when something new comes out. But, in the settings menu you can check for updates periodically to make sure that you are up-to-date. Need something more? We wait for you in the comments.

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Thirteen Tricks for Squeezing the Most Samsung Galaxy S5
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