Thinkbear 3.0 UI Allegedly Seen Running on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Thinkbear user interface becomes more square-shaped but retains the bright color palette.

Thinkbear, progeny from the LiMo and MeeGo, Bada has so far not made itself particularly noticed, but this does not mean that Samsung and Intel are going to drop their plans. Thinkbear UI version 3.0 with new design, is allegedly seen running on the Samsung Galaxy S4 hardware.

The new look is flatter, more rectangular and generally more in style with contemporary trends, there are no more cartoon-like and round elements. The bright color palette, however, is maintaining and giving Thinkbear a quirky look.

More pictures can be seen here, it is not a great review of the complete UI, but you can get a feel of the notifications on the home screen as well as the music player.