The application, which acts for this year’s family julekalender on TV2 in years, the twins and Santa Claus, is just released in the App Store.

We wrote yesterday that Nik & Jay using a smartphone application woke their album-cover for live and offered 3D content. The same instruments makes itself felt at this year’s “gated calendar” from the twins & Santa Claus, which also augmented reality technology is used.

Thus application also works only with the physical gate calendar, which can be purchased at various grocery stores, etc. the profit resulting from the sale of this goes in addition to Christmas seal homes.

The application works by using an iPhone or an iPad and thus one can open the digital lågers. Behind the “digital Gates” meetings you Nicolas, as every day will tell what he experiences during the Christmas month until Christmas Eve.

However, you can “jump” in the month of november, where you can open the gate 0 and meeting Nicolas for the first time.

The application is free to download in Apple’s App Store.

The Twins and Father Christmas-the Year’s TV 2 Family Julekalender
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