The new mobile producer Kazam is founded by former HTC-employees, as they agreed they would do things differently-end HTC does.

Michael Coombes and James Atkins are former employees of HTC and now the founders of the new mobile producer Kazam. Background to Kazam is that during their time in HTC sometimes chatted about, that there were things they themselves would do differently.

-“It’s not to say we got frustration rated with the industry, but we question the way things were two started being done and like we all do, (we) would occasionally have a conversation about how we would do it differently,” said James Atkins to our site back in august.

HTC had a strategy on a number of products, which Atkins and Coombes should have thought was the right plan. For Kazam showed off yesterday their first seven products, which belong to two different series, Thunder and Trooper. HTC has subsequently dropped their many phone launches.

The same for all Kazams phones is that they come with replaceable battery and the option for dual-SIM.

The dates for the exact sales start is yet unknown, but it is reported that about 2-3 weeks it will be possible to buy the first Kazam-phone. Prices are from 750-1,900 crowns.

The People Behind the Kazam Will Make It Different from HTC
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