They say that there is a thin line between good and evil, love and hate and may be necessary between the laws of YouTube and the tangible world. Today’s news the umpteenth case of exceeded limits with YouTube videos, starring Felix Kjellberg, alias PewDiePie, to whom Disney gives a screen door Canceling the contract with him for disseminating anti-Semitic jokes.

The most followed of all time youtuber had signed an agreement for a new program called Revelmode, but the company decided to terminate the contract with which Kjellberg had editorial independence. This occurs shortly after other events jokes of youtubers who have also been controversial, accumulating thousands and millions of hits, but with a reaction to the contrary by the people getting stronger.

Millions of visitors that will no longer be so many dollars as before

The WSJ has been monitoring the content of PewDiePie and looked There were up to nine videos with nazi symbols or jokes about Jews. The newspaper also contacted Disney in relation to these videos, and since the company reported that them for “had gone too far in this case and the resulting videos were inappropriate.”.

In this video we see content that broke the latest controversy, with the message of Death to All Jews (“death to all Jews”) and part of others above, while reporting contained anti-Semitic and other offenses since last August, according to the publication.

In addition to Disney, YouTube also has cut the relationship with PewDiePie canceling the second season of its series

So far has been the own Kjellberg who removed part of the controversial videos (three of the nine referred to in the WSJ), as well as upload any “explanations” or apologize. YouTube has removed any and in principle only acted by removing part of the videos ads, but today is also the company’s relationship with the youtuber short streaming news cancelling the release of the second season of Scare PewDiePie, own exclusive broadcast on YouTube series.

Information that YouTube confirms to The Verge and, although there is a statement that is directly cited the controversial videos, coming after the decision that Disney took on Monday and which finally accompanied by the Elimination of the channel Google ads preference program. In this way, Kjellberg will receive quite a few less income, given that this program is reserved for certain creators and reports more revenue than a standard subscription.

Do you compensate all this? Revenues will be lower, but have to see the level of visits which currently maintains the channel. Quickly glancing to his channel videos we see that the average displays content is of about 4-5 million, and in fact the WSJ reported that retired videos together a total of about 23 million. In this way, the controversy seems to be working him well, both creating it on YouTube as in Twitter, and it is not an isolated case.

Jokes fashion passes bill to others

Of Wismichu they spoke in Magnet to fund, explaining the reason for its success, its beginnings and its current projects. There we saw that it was another case of “fame by controversy”, with videos of provocation and “jokes” in tone, sexist, racist, paedophile and other similar approaches. Depending on your point of view, refers to his jocular tone and “kids know perfectly well that what I do in my videos is not an example to follow”, as advocated in the programme to the corner thinking (Risto Mejide), although he added that also it has withdrawn from motu proprio some of their videos.

Part of the Wismichu videos. One of the jokes (in collaboration with AuronPlay) has more than 5.5 million visits.

Another controversy with end of contract is that we saw last summer with Terapeúticaby, which defined the death of Bullfighter Victor neighborhood as a pleasant “poetic justice” in a tweet that erased later. This made Nestlé, with whom the youtuber had an advertising campaign to cut relations with the removing it as an official image campaign promotion which starring.

Nestlé has decided that Terapeúticaby no longer of the campaign of Maxibon express his joy over the death of a human being

— Nestle Spain (@Nestle_es) July 13, 2016

One of the last cases of joke of bad taste and pursuit of controversy has been the dream “Caranchoa”, starring the (former) youtuber MrGranbomba and that is viralizó because with provocation based on “joke” ended up taking a slap in the face of the victim of the same. In that case, we have already seen that the reaction was divided in networks among those they supported the youtuber in his intention to take legal action and those who felt that the slap was deserved.

The video was removed by the author (which ended up withdrawing and handing over its channel to Hawkers), as it was also the last great controversy of “joke” heavy hand of a youtuber named Reset, which consisted in giving a bum biscuits filled with toothpaste which has caused. Here the criticism was instant and in the networks we read critiques and manifestos against this behavior. And although it is not of a youtuber with the fame of the former, the video featured at least 700,000 views.

I think it’s ReSet demonstrates that we need another type of youtubers. Ones which do not teach to the generation coming to be Sociopaths

— Salty Programmer (@ShinMadori) January 20, 2017

The “do not like” the increasingly strong, real world

PewDiePie is the last event that comes from what settled as a powerful branch of which is already known as “culture youtuber” and that gets millions of views with your benefit. But at the same time some youtubers are accommodated in this type of content (that as we see has experienced a major boom in recent months) and even mock the norms that censor content not suitable for YouTube, also there is a clear reaction from the ‘real world’ increasingly intense, i.e. of the spectators and the society in general they are positioned against criticizing and condemning these behaviors.

Sometimes the criticisms are based on other youtubers, as we saw in the case of Dallas that went from uploading gameplays to create controversial content and attack against other youtubers, and who also is accused of committing child abuse.

In fact, as we saw in the case of MrGranBomba popularity earned him both to win the (fleeting) fame for his career as a youtuber would not be completed by social pressure. The tactic seems to upload videos that exceed certain limits to subsequently delete them and issue a response by way of apology or “clarification”, but we see that there is a strong social network response as it did in the case of Reset, leaving patent that those behaviors they do not fit in the ‘real world’ standards and that may have legal consequences.

The brainless given cookies with toothpaste to a destitute was reported by the Guardia Urbana de BCN to the Prosecutor’s office.

— PabloMM (@PabloMM) January 26, 2017

The Mistake Has Been The Fuel of The Youtubers and The Real World Is Reacting to The