The Head of Design at Games Leaves Google to Not Be Able to Create Relevant Games

In 2013 Google He hired a head of game design After publishing the game augmented reality Ingress under the division Niantic, responsible for bringing Pokémon GO last year.

Noah Falstein has left his position at the company days ago, after having been commissioned to bring us some mini games for Easter Egg and those that can be seen in the doodles. Falstein has not taken too long in give explanations for leaving the company in the search for new challenges.

Google has no particular interest in creating games

Falstein, at first, are you had contracted to create sets of large proportions, although This maxim has finally was evaporating to stay merely nothing. He joined the company with an extensive career in professional game development, especially in health and neuroscience-related video games.

Games for Doodles or the ‘Easter Egg’ are a clear example of what looks for Google in the development of this type of content

To be this category of video games in full growth, their moment in Google done to join the development of titles such. His departure from the company will not have serious consequences, Since Google has been limited to minor games for their Doodles and how much is expected to Google Assistant be able to throw some, but most linked to those of text or ‘trivial’ type.

What is well clear of the fleeting passage of Falstein, as they find their own words, is that Google has no plans to develop titles for the gaming and rather it is focused on providing the platform and spaces so that studies games might best showcase at the same time that top income.