The Family of LG Optimus L Spends 15 Million Units Sold

Without the success of compatriot Samsung, LG guys are slowly becoming a hollow on the Android scene, running as one of the companies that are eligible for third place in the market of Smartphones. They arrived a little late to Android, and its first serious bet was Optimus L family.

Located in a range of access, media, and even medium high, the LG Optimus L they have been for the Korean company some good sales, as many as 15 million units. To that figure is reached in more or less one year of life, since terminals were presented at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2012.

We talk about the LG Optimus L3, L5, L7 and L9, which already exceeded the 10 million units sold in December, and in a couple of months have collected another five million. Clearly range has been running better in holiday season that in its early days, mainly by the reduction in prices of the different models, and the emergence in catalogues of operators globally.

So don’t stop the party, LG already has the relay prepared for this family, with little original name of LG Optimus L II, we have three pretty continuist phones: L3 II, II L5 and L7 II. For the L9 there still substitute, a phone that already moves to touching the high range.