How Is Eyeliner?

A classic of makeup that never fails, and this year, is once again one of the trends in makeup: eyeliner, the best tool for a feline look, sensual and mysterious. For each woman a style: sophisticated, retro, exotic.

For some time the eyeliner is no longer a product only for professionals: all beauty products firms innovate more each day, creating products easy to use (even if you don’t have the technique of a neurosurgeon) and with an impeccable result.

How to Apply?

Before you begin, apply the concealer on dark circles and in spots to smooth out any imperfections. Then the Foundation and powder on top to finish the skin. Pass also on the eyelids, as will help secure better the eyeliner.

With the tip of the brush, make small balls from the inside out (a ball, a space, another ball, another space, and so on), in the same row of eyelashes. Don’t worry about the size of them, but they must be in the same height in relation to the lashes. Always keep the eyes straight.

Call a ball to each other. Let the inside thinner than the outside. If you get it wrong, don’t despair, correct with a cotton swab. With the eyeliner pen is easier to do this type of drawing eyes.

The Eyeliner with Kitten Style Returned with Everything!
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