The Entire English Wikipedia Fits into a 9.7 GB File

There are several ways to access an offline version of Wikipedia, is for desktop applications, their respective versions for mobile or even DVDs sold by companies affiliated with known online encyclopedia. But they all fail in one respect: do not offer all available items, some barely reach 2 000 of them. Yesterday own Wikipedia announced that solved this problem, providing all the encyclopedia into a giant file of 9.7 GB.

To create the organization file used OpenZIM format, which is a type of compression format “specifically created to share Wiki content,” they say. Provide this file on a server obviously explode all possible dimensions, then Wikipdia released the collection through a torrent that you can download here.

In this file are only articles in English Wikipedia (at least the servants until January of this year) and no images available in the online version. To get an idea, only the items of the thumbnail images were added to the final file size would be about 100GB. But they are included in this file all the lists, tables, citations and mathematical formulas. So it’s very complete and sufficiently illustrated.

Erik Moeller, Wikipedia, specifically cites the post the official blog that the offline version of the site will be very useful during a zombie apocalypse. I think he was biased to the zombies and forgot that the possibility of alien attack is something equally likely.