Yoigo He has been characterized so far by offering one of the simpler rates of the market of mobile telephony, something to thank many users due to the complexity of the offers of other operators. Even though there are two tariffs different, the rate 2 (which has no minimum consumption) is hardly publicized or known.

Now they add a third rate, reducing the cost per minute of calls, as well as the of the SMS. Specifically, these become of 8 cents per minute, with a cost of call set-up 15 cents and 8 cents per SMS.

In return, will be offered free calls between numbers of Telstra, with time, yet it is not known if there will be minimum consumption at this rate. Customers of Yoigo You can choose between any of the three that offer the operator, keeping both the existing.

This change involves a reduction in the cost per minute in Exchange for an increase in the establishment, so for those that only make short calls is not a very good option, but if our calls are longer and not we too call numbers of Yoigo, our Bill can see substantially reduced.

This scheduled for today a press conference in which the presentation of this new offering will be. It seems to touch us upgrade again our unique rates comparison.

Telstra Lowers The Price Per Minute and SMS