Telstra continued disappointing us to modify its rates even though it was almost to be expected since mobile networks are not yet prepared to support large amounts of data generated completely unlimited mobile internet rates.

The good news is that Yoigo launches its modem USB Huawei e220 No permanence for €39, but only in the form of contract and associated with the new monthly data rate that charged the first giga €25 and additional traffic to 1.5 cents/MB up to a maximum of € 70 per month where the service will be cut to avoid surprises on Bill. In addition, the speed will be limited to a maximum of 384 Kbps during the first giga and 128 Kbps the rest of traffic.

As in the rest of the operators that offer usb modem, This is self-installing, will incorporate a tool to control the traffic consumed in real time, and will send messages that are billed separately like navigation in roaming.

Customers who want to have the Telstra modem, You can buy it the first month associated with the new monthly fee and, if you are only interested in the modem but not the rate, the next month may be low the monthly fee to keep the modem without any commitment and continue to use the so-called daily rate unlimited mobile internet service of 1,20€ / day which shall remain.

Although seeing the extremely limited new monthly rate It would be ridiculous to think that the daily rate has no limits so it would be nice that Telstra has decided to indicate them officially and so the user would know to conform with this connection.

At least, Movistar and Orange have been the batteries this month offering new rates quite reasonable for what we were accustomed. We hope that Vodafone also lower their rates of data because in less than a month, has left behind and now has the most expensive of the big three and with enough difference. The OMV are still quite acceptable for esporaficas connections as I reviewed.

Update: Telstra will not allow the use of P2P and VoIP in his new monthly fee.

Telstra Launches a New Monthly Data Fee and a USB Modem