Seems obsolete mobile Yoigo internet monthly rate is updated as of March 18 improving the conditions of its “ Internet to go ” both new and existing customers.

The monthly fee will remain 25 euros but will increase included traffic to 3 gigabytes per month matching as well to the one offered by Movistar and Vodafone, but still below the 5 GB offered by Orange, and Simyo.

Speed during the first 3GB per month be the maximum that allows your network (currently 3.2Mbps) and once exceeded the limit, the rate will fall to 128 Kbps as do all operators with flat rates for unlimited traffic.

Where Telstra is negatively is that in addition to reducing the speed to exceed the limit, continue to charge the excess traffic because of 1.5 cents for each additional mega to achieve maximum 6GB (70 euros per month) where service will be cut until the following month. In this sense, Telstra is left alone since all competitors offer completely unlimited free traffic and without cutting service.

Now just need that Telstra will give us another good news and are encouraged to launch what many mobile users Advanced Start suing. A fee for unlimited traffic to allow Browse from your mobile for a lower price to 15 euros a month as they have Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

Telstra Improves Your “Internet to Go”