Starting from the March 3 Yoigo It confirms that you updated their internet mobility options as it had anticipated a few months ago and today unveiled these improvements on the occasion of the MWC in response to the requests of users who each day are more connected in the mobile and computer.

Among the available rates, will remain in force tariffs by default of up to 1.20 euros/day to navigate on the phone and the fee of 3 euros/day to navigate from computer in prepayment rates that improve are monthly bonuses that only are available in form of contract HSDPA maximum speed of up to 3.2Mbps.

Three monthly rates are in the following way:

  • Bonus 8 Internet to go: intended for navigation in the mobile includes 500MB from 8 euros/month with HSDPA and other traffic without additional cost but with speed limited to 64 Kbps. In addition the share of this bonus if it computes to cover minimum consumption rate voice.
  • Internet to carry 25: Includes unlimited traffic by 25 euros with HSDPA speed the first 3GB and the rest is reduced to 128 Kbps. In this way removed the extra cost of 1.5 cents/MB applied so far to overcome the 3 GB/month.
  • Internet to carry 35: Includes unlimited traffic by 35 euros with HSDPA speed the first 5GB and the rest is reduced to 128 Kbps. Thus are continuous sailing without additional cost throughout the month but the speed restriction applies from the 5GG instead of 3 GB so far.

With this movement, has managed to collect the witness after the removal of the bonus of Simyo and Yoigo returns to position itself with a competitive data rates Although for the time being has not dared to also eliminate speed limits as Vodafone it has been doing for several months and whose response from other operators hope that not he delayed too.

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