Apple’s iPhone 5S were put for sale in Denmark on 25. October, but managed nevertheless to be the most sold with Telia-in only 7 days.

iPhone launch in Denmark was in the 25 years. October, but several shops and web shops kept evening opening and started sales at. the night between 00.01 Thursday 24. and on Friday, 25.October.

And this sales start is still something the Danes can suffer. It is also seen on the sales figures. iPhone 5S went directly into a first place as the most sold mobile phone with Telia in the month of October, though it was only on the shelves in seven days. It is also Apple, who sits on both the second and third place respectively with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. The new iPhone 5 c is in fact not at all represented in the list.

-“It is clear that the customers in great style after asking Apple’s products, and the tradition of the year iPhone launch has been surrounded by lots of hype and massive interest from clients. Therefore we see also iPhone 5S at the top of the list, and the older models immediately after by virtue of, prices have fallen after the launch of 5S. By a look at the list, it is also clear to see that the Sony Xperia Z1 is among the most popular mobiles, and customers are going for the best specifications, including 4 g, which gives the best experiences with streaming, “says Christoph N, residential Director of Telia.

The following places belong to Samsung, Sony and HTC. You can view the ten best-selling models at the photo above.

Telia: iPhone 5S Were Best Selling Phone in October
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