TDC: Do Not Update to iOS 7

More of TDC´ s application for Apple’s products don’t work in the new version of the operating system iOS 7.

IOS 7 has long been out in beta version, so that developers could customize their application to the new version of the iOS operating system.

Nevertheless, it did not succeed TDC, to be ready with new versions of their apps for iOS. It means in brief that applications like TDC Play and TDC Occupations do not work on devices with iOS 7.

TDC Business are used by companies to carry out further and divert calls, and TDC therefore calls upon, according to our site, users not to upgrade to iOS 7.

Private customers with TDC Play is also affected. If your iPhone or iPad is updated to iOS 7, will for the moment be presented with a box that says “TDC Play doesn’t work on iOS 7 yet” If you try to launch the application.

How long before TDC is ready with new updated applications remains to be seen.