Tan Line Wrong or Unequal?

Boldness and style is what no shortage this summer, especially with the new models of swimsuits and bikinis that are dominating the beaches and swimming pools of all Brazil. Full of cops and different cutouts, they get MA-RA-VI-LHO-SOS in the body–just, in time to sunbathe, can leave an unwanted result.

The singer Lexter, was “victim” of this problem at the end of last year (2016) and, with very good humor, has posted the uneven Tan on Snapchat: “are we burnt? Not sealed in this brand, “wrote in the caption. With some care, however, it is possible to reverse this situation. Here’s how:

Exfoliate–But With Lightness.

“One of the alternatives is to decrease the color of pigmented areas,” says Dr. Rafael Ferreira, cosmetology and esthetics expert and Ph.d. in cellular and molecular medicine at the clinic Rafael Ferreira. “In other words, invest in scrubs (soft), with the use of vegetable bushings with apricot, pomegranate seed crushed or cornmeal. We must always pay attention not to make a lot of pressure and hurt the fabric: the stop point is when the skin layer begins to be rosy, “he points out.

Anyway, Dr. Ana Regina Trávolo, specialist in dermatology by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD), of which he is member, recommends never perform the action in front of a lot of sensitivity. “Yes, of course, return to normal; It’s just taking a break, around a week to 15 days “.

Role Reversal

“You can also do a reverse Tan,” Dr Fisher suggests. “Covering with tape parts of bikini edges that were darker, and leaving the more clearly exposed to the Sun, until the color stay matched. Remember to turn every 10 minutes, so don’t overload one side alone. ”

Use Self-Tanner

Besides, the lotions autobronzeadoras serve as a great gimmick at this point. “They are, today, one of the safest forms of sunbathing: react with sugars in the dermis, generating the desired tint. And how come enriched with antioxidants and moisturizers, can take care of her at the same time, “punctuates the, licensed cosmetologist. “It is important that the person identify whether the skin is compatible with healthy and not tanning sunburn!”, reinforces the dermatologist.

The face has to stay (well) protected, regardless of the condition, because of the appearance of melasma, she emphasizes. “That may not arise then, but in months, years later, by thecumulative effect of UV exposure.

Intelligent Combination

And by the way, you can combine two types of protective filter to correct the irregular Tan.Spread one that has the lowest FPS where they start, and another, with highest protection, for all the rest. This will prevent the risk of burning yourself too and After Peeling.

Whatever the technique used to match the skin tone, always pay attention to the times of sun exposure and the care with stains and spots photo: thinkstock

Color In Capsule

About sunless tanning, it is preferable to be prescribed by a trained operative. According to Dr. Fisher, those who are on the boards of vaporization confer improvements soon in the first attempt. “And can be repeated weekly to maintain what has been achieved”.

Activation Of The Sun

Finally, there are products that are activated by sunlight: “you apply and take a sun bath for about 1 hour,” he continues. I can see already face change and some color stronger.

To Keep In Mind. Always!

Is not suitable to perform any of the procedures mentioned if there is some kind of irritation, worth ratifying. The key, according to Dr. Trávolo is always working solar protection, regardless of the scenario. The schedules recommended for healthy sunbathing are before and after the 10:00 4:00 pm-without exaggeration.

The probability of acquiring stains and spots in the process – which can turn cancer later–it’s great! Incidentally, if you notice on Estatelearning that they are half white-a likely sign of fungal contamination, swimsuit or bacterina–or in different tones, seek prompt medical evaluation, Dr. Ferreira.