The popular Talking Tom gets new life in My Talking Tom app, which has also just been released for Windows Phone.

The official Talking Tom application, My Talking Tom, is now ready for download in the Windows Phone Store. Talking Tom application for many families with children have been a huge hit and now it can also be downloaded to Windows Phone phones.

In the application should be ensured for its very own “Tom”, which, however, can call-what one wants. He must have both its sleep, food, games with just as it is also possible to buy various things to him, and give him the color of the coat and the eyes, as it seems like.

Empty can of course also be both happy, hungry, tired and bored, all depending on how you’re playing with him.

There are 50 different levels, which gradually give more money or new clothes, etc., You can continue to talk to Tom and hear him repeat everything you say.

You can download My Talking Tom free in Windows Phone Store, as well as Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.

Talking Tom Is Now Live-Also Ready for Windows Phone
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