Swedish Company Presented an Iphone with Fuel Cell

Smart phones are becoming more powerful and faster. The battery pack can keep not always pace with this development. What happens if the batteries will be overcharged, you had to learn note 7 Samsung at the Galaxyy.

There, the Smart phone battery exploded at some customers, so the company had to impose a sell stop. Therefore the Swedish startup myFC takes a completely new approach. The developers there build no cell phones, but take the models already on the market and replace the battery by an environmentally friendly fuel cell. The advantage: The smart phone must no longer be connected to the power supply, but can be charged with a specific mixture of water and salt.

The Loading Capacity Is Still Rather Paltry

This, the customer must purchase so-called PowerCards, which must be on a bracket attached to the back of the Smartphone. A change of this fuel cards is possible also during the operation. It is unclear, however, what will cost such a charge. The speech was originally of prices between one and two dollars. Meanwhile, the company has probably switched to on a subscription model for 4.90 euro in the month. The design is not particularly powerful also still: A charge is roughly one third of a normal battery run time. Who is on the road so longer, must take just several of the 40 grams light PowerCards – then he can wrap up a power base but also equal.

The Launch Is Scheduled For Next Year

So far, one converted iPhone 7 and similar Smart phones has presented myFC only prototypes.According to the information of the company, the product should attain the market but within the next year. The external charger JAQ, also based on an integrated fuel cell is already now available for purchase. This can be used not only for the charging of smart phones, but provide many other electrical devices to power – and is therefore mainly for long trips without a secure power supply a good alternative. Fear of an explosion must have nobody: the fuel cells are approved for air travel.