Super Mario Run Lands on Android: Now Available for Download in Google Play

It was one of the surprises at the launch of the iPhone 7, but we had the surprise especially since the arrival of the more famous NJ plumber did not include Android in its initial phase. But the exclusivity with iOS was not going to be eternal. Super Mario Run is now available on Android.

After his arrival in the form of advancement, Nintendo has finally released their runner in Google Play so everyone can try it and, if you like us, pay for the full version of the game. So Super Mario Run on Android.

A runner’s life with a very special character

Its premature release for iPhone makes that the mechanics of the game does not take us by surprise. We are before a game type runner in which the character runs automatically, While we are the ones who control the jumps to go catching bonus, Dodge obstacles or defeat enemies.

Nintendo did not invent the wheel with this game, it’s actually pretty simple and reminds us of other titles with a very similar performance, but the advantage of Super Mario Run its operation, is not if that is not a game well known by everyone with a strong nostalgic component.

Those who played Super Mario at the time of the first GameBoy know it, and is that Mario is a mythical character in video games. This is their main trump card to sneak into our phones, because otherwise there is no innovations worthy of mention as it did with Pokémon Go.

Super Mario Run story mode (worlds) with which we can go forward by the different worlds to save Princess Peach, the way racing to compete with other users and my Kingdom, where each user can build and customize your own Kingdom.

Play the free demo or pay for the content

As in iOS, the download is free and includes a sort of demo of three levels during which we can test the game. It is a fairly short test, but it is the only thing that Nintendo offers without paying.

If you want more levels only there is an option, and is to pay everything from blow. In addition, the game needs permanent connection, a play focused mainly to prevent the piracy of the game.

The price of Super Mario Run has generated enough controversy and has revived the debate on the problem of developers to monetize their creations

The price for the full version is 9.99 euros. There might be rather high compared to other apps or games, but Super Mario Run has a work of development back that it should be compensated and this is the figure which has established Nintendo. Here already comes into play what each considers fair. You buy Super Mario Run?

Super Mario Run

  • Version of Android: from 4.2
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free with integrated shopping
  • Category: Action