Super Mario Run, Analysis: a Game That Knows Best from Another Perspective

The largest of the criticisms that has been Super Mario Run are the high price to unlock all worlds and levels, and for being a runner with nothing more to contribute. Surely in part may turn up to be right, but if we try to put ourselves in the skin of Nintendo, We can find another way of looking at What could be called as a small work of art.

Super Mario Run is already on Android with version 2.0 which includes new colors for Yoshi, more buildings, new ‘easy’ mode and one more in the first world level to make more content free. The Japanese company has wanted to reinforce the launch of Super Mario Run on Android with the 2.0 to make a better game that came to iOS.

From another perspective

If we look at Super Mario Run with a Mario that runs automatically and done those mini jumps without having to click anything on the screen, to compare it directly with titles “endless runner” as a Temple Run or Subway Surfers, easy it is to fall into the simple adjective in which we say that it is very easy and you don’t have anything of chicha. All levels past you and you have all made game, well.

It’s very plausible to watch this game in this way but, AFAIK, Nintendo Games, those Super Mario Bros or Super Mario World, it did not let us enraptured different generations of players because we had to get to the end of the level and say: ‘I have finished it.

Much less, they were hours repeating those levels to discover secret areas, try this jump there, launch the shell against the number of enemies, or slide down through a pipe to try to get all the juice to a series of video games that have served as source of inspiration for many.

The levels of Super Mario Bros were carefully designed, the same thing happens in Super Mario Run, a video game in which we will have to learn how to handle very well to Mario to perform combinations of jumps, “fly” by the platforms and know how to choose “when” there is to jump on one of the most recognized by all enemies.
We will have to learn how to handle very well to Mario to perform combinations of saltosTendremos who learn to manage very well to Mario to perform combinations of jumps

From here, better understand the spirit and genius who has and deals with Super Mario Run in his attempt to adapt to a new era in which mobile devices have forced the industry to move to the freemium. And it is surely this called “freemium” as the obstacle harder nut to crack than it has been to face Nintendo with the first Mario game to Android and iOS.

Super Mario Run, a game they play and play…

A little clear from the point of view he should pounce a Super Mario Run, and recalling as even films that are now taken as a masterpiece of science fiction, as in Blade Runner, which was badly criticized in its first year in theaters, if Nintendo is working and is able to bring us more content, surely that this game to check for within a year of another more positively that has been reflected already since it was released in iOS.

Passing us on the more technical side of Super Mario Run, Nintendo has been able to play with the best cards that has and it shows that it has put all if. Manoeuvres, long jumps, the pirouettes that performs those Visual which found its peak when we are able to combine different hits, “combos”, more sound effects and Mario show the degree of technicality that has this study of videogames.

It is visually very nice play and find again what has become so famous to Nintendo. The design of the characters, enemies, and the different levels are another point to emphasize. We must highlight the varied which can be some levels as happens with level 2-1, in which we have to go through different gates to go collecting all the coins and try different combinations to deal in time and travel.

Build your Kingdom and check out racing against another player

Nintendo wanted to tackle a Super Mario Run, giving it option to the player that go building his own Kingdom. You can install pipelines, houses of new characters, box surprises or decorations to make more attractive space that belongs to the player.

From here you can pass to the a-player games, in which we will be playing again each levels of the six worlds and games multiplayer or calls racing the Toads.

These are unsynchronized, i.e. take the saved game from another player and synchronize it to make it look that you play against someone and put you to others that they have no pt passing the game quickly, they are becoming experts to take full advantage of each of the levels and thus take the applause of the ‘Toads’, which will be handed down judgement and mark who has been the best player.

In return, we will receive the different toads of colors with which we can build different houses that will house Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Toadette. Here we will begin to enjoy again the levels already passed to be able to use a Luigi, ramming some huge jumps (can get at last that damn coin); Yoshi and Peach, which are capable of staying “planning” for a longer time in the air; and Toad and Toadette, which are the Usain Bolt of the game to make it clear.

What you need Super Mario to make it best game?

I have already mentioned that Nintendo is has found with the wall of the freemium in the mobile. If you want to go through it and adapt to these new times, has to do the same which has made the same day of the release to Android: launching regular updates.

Version 2.0 of Super Mario Run is the example to follow, and we do not know if Nintendo will follow this path. But if so, surely that the € 9.99 currently costs do not weigh both as happens to many who have been left at the gates of discover the rest of game that awaits them.

Nintendo could have left a Super Mario Run at €4.99 and all we would be happier, but it happens with this game one again feel that essence of which the Japanese company has always been provided, and that be glimpsed when one engages with this title, the first in which we have Mario returning to do yours this time from your smartphone or Android tablet.

The mistake of Super Mario Run

The big problem is facing Super Mario Run on Android is that that initial thrust is lost that it would have had if Nintendo had released it on iOS and Android at the same time. Let’s be honest, the OS for mobile devices installed most of the planet is Android and the Japanese company dropped that large portion of cake that occupies the OS of Google to lose a great opportunity.

The Japanese company dropped that large portion of cake that occupies the OS of Google

Right now the “initial interest” lost by Super Mario Run and know all of a game that the only surprise is that you can install it on your Android to check if it is true that that is a mere endless runner or if it is worth paying their €9,99. A serious strategy error is the carried out by Nintendo.

The reliance on that the additional expenditure which is made in games occurs on the App Store It would benefit you, if compared to the of the Google Play Store, to boost their sales and the positive reviews, so thus arrived to the millions of users of Android hearsay, it has meant that much of what we talk about Super Mario Run right now sound like redundant.

One thing is clear, even if you have a high-quality game is Super Mario Run, can’t stop side to Android as it has become. Nintendo has had a great product in their hands, but He has not managed to sell to not keep up with the times When you knock, so at least we hope that you learn from mistakes, and when we bring Link or others of his famous characters, not another pass through the same stone; at least has nowhere look: Fire Emblem Heroes.

Super Mario Run2.0.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.2
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Action