An extra digital converter in the amplifier and numerous alternative connection options including USB-front in: we have tested the 12 CD player RCD and the integrated amplifier RA 12 by Rotel.

As from the gun shot have a tester can count on the usual suspects, he is asking for the manufacturers of sophisticated HiFi combinations. “Yes”, it could then come back, “but also sticks and other USB sources can dock’s, and the good old turntable should also sound!” At this point, the professional could then actually in the stuttering comes – or he refers to casual Player RCD 12 (600 euros) and the Power Amplifier RA 12 (750 euros) on the brand new Rotel combined with the.

Ideally accessing stack of circuit diagrams and lab charts in its recommendation (just as an AUDIO editor). And then the listening test comes, he can claim justifiably that on the RA 12 “Phono” not only stands on it. Many other amplifier plug these inputs with big capacitors , what out keeps any disturbing high frequencies , but leads to an inedible Sharpened height response in collaboration with the pickup coil. Not so the Rotel: with him the LPs sampled by usual MM pickups sound even particularly lively, loose and comfortable.

Rotel RCD 12 + RA 12: construction

On closer inspection, the USB input also deserves extra praise. He takes the messages from iPhones not only wired, but after inserting the supplied Bluetooth adapter on the Airways.

And that certainly not only be reduced, but also in Losless Format – which automatically draws the attention to the built-in D/A converter and leads to a stabilised nod. Because Rotel is not any, but a relatively expensive World Cup 8740 by Wolfson. Its balanced outputs work – better it’s barely – make ICs of Burr-Brown , which assume a common mode noise suppression and analog filtering on most harshest way.

A big, quartz clocks microprocessor available is to control the oversampling and other digital processes. As a continuously clean Assembly, and precisely the same, also the CD player RCD 12 can come up with the stems finally.

Comments such as “unnecessary duplication” and “Harmonization” would be at this point, however, out of place. The RA 12 has two coaxial and two optical digital inputs in addition to the USB-In . Alternatively, a switching IC selects four Analog line level connections . So is for a whole range of feeding devices for this or that player or TV/radio satellite receiver, the possibility of both analog and digital to join them.

If you don’t believe it, may hear loud and clear – as also the AUDIO tester – with the Rotel system: depending on the music and source the already pre modified sounds times and better times to the diet by the amplifier. There are even more options, because exactly considered the Wolfson optional frequenzgang – as well as optimized pulse signals may dismiss. Rotel stop but with former – probably rightly, because too much choice can turn in confusion.

Level control with PGA 2311 Texas instruments, from individual transistors composed voltage amplifier and a three-stage, per channel by four burly Sanyo transistors completed emitter follower: from the Board routes increased in high-current applications of copper bars and the schematic the technician reads out only good transmission properties.

The clever move that the boxes connectors selected relays are A directly with the power amplifiers in conjunction and the parallel operable products terminals B through a so-called Boucherot link, what pleases him also. The cable leads under circumstances of considerable length in an adjoining room. Its high capacity could then cause a high-frequency self thrill – while the threading reliably helps a little, accompanied by a resistance coil .

Rotel RCD 12 + RA 12: hearing test

Almost logically that Rotel not saved even when the power supply, such as the two from the British manufacturer BHC Aero B77 related 10000 micro Farad main storage capacitors.

And so the tester with confidence joined the various boxes on the Rotel amp. Where he, just like he, with customary efficiency and impedance curves perfectly harmonized. Also (although it makes a 2-ohm power-guzzling burglary in the bass) with the Sonics Allgra II.

The RA 12 played in particular always upright, quasi with style. Wet Blessing he hated as well as brusque gaffes top out. Instead of too plump, he formed rather smaller, proppere and rather dry bass. With great diligence he formed from actors and instruments, where always more came to him to order as on exuberance and juice.

In the heights , RA 12 finally ran a small jewelry shop. With joyful zeal, he traced how the brushes on the snare drums revolve or schlegeln such as wood poles on the brass of the Hi-hats. Piano runs he shine like tiaras. And: during digital control the Rotel deepened this skill even more. However, he (according to consumption) inclined now untenrum but much to save.

When the desire for more oomph analog operation was announced again. Interesting: The RCD 12 – time analog, time digital closed – reinforced polarization. In the first case rather peppy, unconcerned, he returned in the second rather the untenrum chastising and upwards the fine sanding master out. Thus the Rotel Duo shamed many price class members on it most warmly – only two foes developed also on the island offered him resolutely Paroli. The testers liked it twist and turn as they wanted: A Creek Evo 2 played although not so analytically, but still liquid, attuned.

Similar was 12 and a Creek Evo-Player – also for comparing the RCD though was the pros and cons for the matter of taste. Finally, it is Yes to weigh and to include the digital special equipment the Rotel combo in the weighting. And because Rotel with the RA 12 plus RCD of 12 for many offers the bigger hammers.

Measuring laboratory

Rotel CD player RCD 12 brings a more useful Jitterspektrum in addition to good dynamic values but with temporal fluctuations of up to 1400 picoseconds he has never earned praise. The power cube amplifier RA 12, there is nothing to complain about. The amp is compatible so – in terms of performance – also boxes with difficult impedance curve.

Pleasing looks of course the clanking harmonics at increasing power: under these circumstances, say: in constant resistive load, a harmonious graduation is always maintained. Since youngest, the AUDIO test laboratory examined the stability of the distortion behavior under difficult varying load conditions. Ideally the chart should show as close as possible together, just running lines – what is not perfect, but quite well manages the Rotel.


With the RA 12 ideal manages Rotel almost: an integrated amplifier which saves over the rich, classic experience of the developers in a new generation of devices – and yet can cavort in the modern digital world. The player RCD 12 offers to an ideal partner.


Stereo Combination: Rotel RCD 12 + RA 12 Test