Spray Enamel – Practicality to Your Nails!

Get a manicure or make their own nails at home is already a habit for many women around the world. However, with the day to day increasingly incurred, where the woman seeking personal and professional satisfaction if showing a real superhero of everyday life, often lack a small space on the agenda for these small details. For these reasons, a spray enamel was already more than time to be released!

In the search for a solution to the lack of time that prevails in the present day, the product ensures the formula for instant beauty.

Spray enamel is the new bet on the market and makes women can have perfect nails in about 20 (twenty) seconds.

Where did the idea?

The creation of the brand Nails Inc and it’s called Paint Can, conferring convenience to modern women. During disclosure the brand has brought public, pictures of it-girl Alexa Chung, British as well as the packaging and use.

Famous magazines like Vogue and Marie Clair opened space on their pages to comment on the news of the world of Nail Polish at Healthknowing and have contributed to the increased attention to the news.


Despite very promising, the news comes to cautious steps. Spray enamel will be released initially in just two colors: Shoreditch Lane, which comes in a silver tone and Hoxton Market, which comes in a light pink tone.

Application of spray enamel

The product is simple to use, just be using a base or traditional enamel on the nail before application. To apply the spray must keep him between ten and twenty centimeters away from the nail, keeping the application for twenty seconds.

To ensure a longer duration it is recommended to use a finalizer. To remove the glaze to stick on the skin simply wash your hands with SOAP and water, since, according to the brand, the product is easily removed from the skin.


Each Tin costs an average of 10 pounds, which equals around £ $56.

Where to find?

At this time (December 2015) is only available for pre-order, via the website of the brand.

Now just wait for the product to arrive in Brazil and enjoy the news!