Sponsored Post: Achadões Hometeka

Achadões today is pretty special and full of cuteness.

First of all he is a very nice partnership between the UASZ and the Hometeka, a site that offers amazing content decoration to architects, decorators and people like me and you, in love with make our home more beautiful.

In addition to all the content, a few months ago the Hometeka became also an online store. But not just any store. The idea is to bring together independent designers and form a large community, connecting who produces the who wants to buy different products, with good design, made on a small scale and with nice price. Is there anything better? Buy from who does, help the local economy and still take home a beautiful piece and with fair price?

For these and others, I couldn’t have been happier when they sent me an email saying that they wanted to join forces. So, off I went gossip site in one piece and make a selection of the coolest things.

I confess, I thought it would be easier, but the guys have verrrrry cool thing! Furniture (sofa, bed, armchair, table and so on), until it finishes, lighting and very charming decoration object. So, I had to create a criterion. Otherwise this would be a Achadões encyclopedia. And my criterion was: things incredibly cute to give a da snapshot in your residence.

Chosen the option, here’s my list:

  1. Color Blast

I love combining different patterned pillows. I think that Joie de vivre gives to any environment. My favorite are clockwise: this, this, this andthis, but has a large selection and great here.

  1. Good Energy

Nothing like having cute messages stuck in the walls to help us energize the House with good things, right? I loved the “faith”, “love”,”sweet home” and “it’s okay”.

  1. All Natural

I love spreading plants around the House. And I was in love with these vases made of natural wool (here and here), rustic and charming mega match any style of home.

  1. Light Balls

I’m going to tell you something very serious: you may not have absolutely nothing at home. Nothing really. Only your mattress on the floor and those blessed little balls. Turn off the light. Light the pellets. Okay, we have a beautiful room. I speak from experience.

The Hometeka has many colors. I loved this in shades of purple, yellow and orange with, this one in shades of blue and the traditional white.

  1. Double Cuteness

I need to say something? Look at these two down here. Just look. Ready. My work here is done. Owl here and Fox here.

  1. Welcome

I love putting mat at the entrance of the House. In addition to super functional, I think a cute way I welcome who arrives. So, always ran behind a cute ledge to put on the door. OK, now I found.

  1. Golden Dots

I love to decorate the walls of the House. I’m a sucker for wallpaper from Franciscogardening (as you well know) and I love corners full of paintings. I love these balls because, besides being a beautiful ornament to the wall, they are super easy to stick to. No need to call any expert. Just take the card and paste it where you want.

  1. Warm And Charming

Hot, beautiful and warm bed to face the chill that’s coming. Perfect for play on the couch and still give some color pro environment. Options in Black, yellow or pink.

  1. Wooden Beauties “

Y’all know I love to hang on the wall thing. Paintings, posters, plates …While there is no wall, there am I preaching thing. So it’s not surprising that I was vaulted with these wooden hexagons with drawings of origamis. Has rabbit, bear or tsuru (a sacred bird of Japan) and I don’t know which I like more.

This is my selection. If you enjoyed it, it’s worth a click and go snooping on there site even. It’s a treasure after another.