Smartwatchs and Design: Five Different Ways to Face It

While it is found a utility that justifies its price, smartwatchleaves us with the feeling that it has come for now to solve a problem that was not yet.

Precisely for this reason I am convinced that his jump to the wrist of the consumers is trying to be realized through the design, the first glance.

After almost completely banishing the classic wristwatch, smartwatch recovers it. Even very aggressively, as is the case of the new LG Watch Urbane , a smartwatch that if we did not tell you that it is advanced, could perfectly go through a classic model the sea of ​​elegant and tempting.

Motorola Moto360 And The Futuristic Watch

The first one that made it clear that in the battle for our doll the design had much to do was the Moto360 . His choice of circular format and very technological touch has earned him not only recognition among the user (in Xataka took the 2014 award for best smartwatch ) but has been the leader of last year in sales.

This advanced watch started its journey with problem of battery life but with the passage of time we have seen that neither rivals have been able to take a considerable advantage in that section to compensate for its great visual appeal. Already can be found for 199 euros.

LG G Watch And The Classic Touch

After a first attempt with a square shape, LG soon became clear that the classic format was the winning choice in his case, according to a2zDirectory. The LG G Watch will be one of last year’s best designed smartwatch, with the different touch of a dial with numbers that completely resembles the look of a classic watch.

Precisely that is the idea pursued by the new LG Watch Urbane , with leather straps, metallic finish in gold or silver and even the crown. We will have to see the price of the new model. Meanwhile, the previous one is for 229 euros.

Sony And Sport

The pioneer in this advanced clocks has not had the relevance at design level than LG or Motorola. But that does not mean that the Smartwatch 3 is one of the models with Android Wear more complete on the market, but with a marked sporting character if we look precisely at its design, which does not help a system of belts that, contrary to a good part Of its direct rivals, owns.

Perhaps aware that in the market for now seems to win another style, Smartwatch 3 already has a version with a much more careful design and metallic finish that certainly looks great. Right now, the sports model has a very tempting price: 186 euros.

Samsung Does Not Marry Anything But Goes The Curve

As usual with the Korean firm, its smartwatch does not marry anyone and with up to six models in a single year , there is a choice. Interestingly, among the more sporty and wristband models like the Gear Fit (already for only 125 euros ) or elegant asthe Gear Live, there are none with a round design.

The choice for the future will leave us a safe Samsung smartwatch round, surely in the next MWC 2015 we know, but for now, as with televisions, Samsung likes the curve much more, although that implies that with its 350 euros, Be the most expensive model of all that can be bought right now.

And The Apple Watch

A few weeks after the Apple Watch is a reality in the windows, its approach seems to be more directed towards the object of fashion. At the level of design is the only one that gives the option of having two sizes, and at the level of finish and appearance Apple will play with something that always gives good result: accessories.

Its straps and different configurations of materials, especially in the upper part, will allow you to play both in the league of those who focus on the sporty aspect, and in those who look for a more classic appearance watch, but will not achieve the same fidelity as The circular format smartwatch.