Smartphones of Large Screens, with Which Te Quedas?

With the confirmation of the new Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 inch screen those seeking smartphones with screens beyond 5.5 inch they already have other two alternative, apparently more economical than others which we already knew.

But out of the sheer size of the screen the decision to purchase one of these smartphones also requires a look at other important aspects such as its processor, memory, resolution, connectivity, or battery to meet it in a table the more attractive alternatives.

In the table below we collect the main features of the major smartphones on the market or that are coming with a screen of at least 5.5 inches.

How can we come here?

As we see are not many manufacturers who dare to launch smartphones with screens that each day is closer to the size of the usual seven-inch tablets, although the table we lack any other like Lenovo with the K900, but If there is a brand that has bet on the big screens that is Samsung.

The smartphone that perhaps opened the way was the first Samsung Galaxy Note, that many users were greeted with skepticism by big screen but that many adopted as their own despite the difficult handling of a screen of 5.3 inches with one hand. Despite his success have not been many manufacturers who have dared with smartphones of more than five inches.

At present Samsung leads this segment with different Note and the new Mega although LG, Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo already dare with their own alternatives while other brands like Sony or Nokia still are reluctant, placing its largest 5 and 4.5 inch screens.

Now one can only speculate upon who will be the next mark to launch a new smartphone with a screen pass from five inches. Is it Sony? Or maybe a new Google Nexus? And Nokia? Bets open.