Thursday, July 03, 2014

The country has been considered tacky fashion, but this concept has changed and today she moves the fashion market with great force, conquering trends every year.
We can create amazing looks using boots, plaid prints, fringe, leather, animal print, prints, hats, vests, buckles, riding pants etc.
Use your imagination and lot looks with different styles! To give a force brought some of them to aspire to.

The riding pants is inseparable when the subject is mid-cut boot or long, your trim is fair in the body, avoiding the concertina record pants style.

The shirts with Plaid prints tied up to the belly button never go out of fashion, abuse of this trend.

Inherent in country culture, fringes are present in all articles of the women’s locker room, they’re super high and should be used with balance because the exaggeration makes the look heavy.

The animal print and leather prints are super wearable and fall very well when it comes to fashion country, abuse of jackets, waistcoats, skirts, shorts, pants and bags in these prints.

The boots and the hat have been inseparable items, but you can use freely the two pieces together or not, in some cases the combination of them is super fashion. But between us is impossible is using fashion country without boots or a hat.

And you like this trend? I hope you liked the tips, big kiss and until tomorrow. Bye!

Sets Country: If You Inhale and Storm!
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