See Apple’s New iPhone 5 C-Advertising

Apple has started sales of their new iPhones – iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5S. Which also has meant advertising for iPhone 5 c.

Apple has today, the 20. September 2013, started sales of iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5S in the first countries, which, among other things, in Germany, United Kingdom, United States, China, Japan and Canada.

One of the videos has been given the name “Designed Together”, which alludes to the iOS 7 and iPhone 5 c are made with the same “color palette” in mind. It writes our site.
The second video is called “Plastic Perfected”, which focuses on the plastic part of the phone. You can view the videos below.

The Danish sales start has yet to be officially announced by Apple, but the speculation and rumors going on that sale will start on June 18. October.