Rumor of the Day: Twitter Will Launch Messaging App

Eyeing the growing popularity (and the threat, especially with the IPO) services like WhatsApp and KakaoTalk, which dominates this niche in South Korea, Twitter may be studying an entry in this area.

The news, which came from sources AllThingsD but was not officially confirmed by Twitter, it seems to be related to the update that allows users to send direct messages to anyone who does not follow, at least with regard to a repositioning of the company as discretion.

Prior to talking to strangers, it was necessary to send a tweet – that anyone could read, at least in theory. So by investing in direct messages, Twitter shows signs of being willing to expand its operations in private exchanges of messages.

Twitter is not the first social network to venture in this business; the messenger Facebook is very popular and has some advantages over, for example, WhatsApp, you need the phone number to identify the contact: in the FB, only to have the person on the list of friends.

However, no evidence yet that Twitter can create something along the lines of Snapchat, an application that destroys the messages soon after received; It is that the company commissioned a research on it and the result was that its popularity is also growing.

The question is: is there room for one more messenger on smartphones around the world, or Twitter is coming late to the game?



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