Rules of Coexistence within the Practice of Yoga

If you are not a hermit living in a cave, you must follow rules of coexistence.Okay, you might not even follow them, but you’ll be seen as a rude scoundrel.Everywhere you have people dividing the same space is good to act in a way not to invade the space of the other, not to disturb, not to be “persona non grata”.

Therefore, within the practice room of Yoga also exist rules of coexistence.So far, okay, no news.But for those who are new to Yoga, or for those who are out of touch, it may be that these rules are not so clear.That’s why I leave this very basic list here.And if you remember something that was left out of the list, put it down there!

  1. Arrive late

Avoid being late.Try to always arrive a few minutes before your practice and, if the room is free, extend your carpet, sit down and enjoy those minutes to disconnect from the outside world.However, those who live in large cities are at the mercy of traffic and sometimes delays are inevitable.In that case, do not enter the room before making sure that your teacher has already intoned the opening mantra (which may be OM or whatever he may use).It is very unpleasant when we are concentrated, right at the beginning of the practice, and the little fellow enters the room indoors.

  1. Booties on the outside

I already told you about it here .If your studio does not ask you to take off your shoes right at the entrance, be sure to remove them before entering the room.Inside the room, only feet and socks are welcome!

  1. Enter room “causing”

It may even be that you have arrived on time, but even so, go into the room discreetly, without complimenting your classmates to the screams, without extending your mat as if you were taking the sand out of a beach canga.Remember that other classmates may already be trying to meditate, trying to bring attention to the inside.Delayed or not, be discreet, walk lightly, extend your rug by rolling it smoothly to the floor.And the less you talk, the better.

  1. Stepping on Others’ Rugs

In the eagerness to find a good place in the living room, there are those who walk to and fro and with that end stomp on the other’s table. I get really annoying bitch when that happens.Our carpet is our temple and you should only step into the temple of others if invited.

  1. Whimper

Okay, we all know there are postures that are u.Tired to the roots of hair.We also know that there are more vigorous practices that require us a lot.But nothing to be moaning without end, as if you were starring in a porn movie!Gem within reasonable, sigh when your teacher instructs, but do not get in the room!Instead of the moaner, hold your ujjayi breath.It will help you more in these moments than any moan.

  1. Paying attention to the practice of others

There are people who dazzle with the asana of others.They are astonished that so-and-so can make such a posture and simply stop paying attention in their own practice to stay there, “drying” the other.No one is in practice to get attention – or at least should not be – so it’s annoying when eyes stare at someone.Each focused on his own practice and breathing, please.

  1. Overdue bathroom

This should not even be here, because it’s obvious that everyone should practice it clean.It is not obvious not … There are many people who adhere to water rationing in the stalk, and for this they avoid even bathing!Jokes aside, in one of the formations I did there was a being who did not take a shower.He just did not take a shower!She did not even wear deodorant or even change her practice clothes.Imagine you in an enclosed room with about 40 people breathing in that air?Summary of the opera, everyone began to enter the room each day earlier because no one wanted to take the risk of staying next to him.Not boring?So keep the cleanliness, make sure the deodorant has won, wear clean practice clothes.The message is also here for those who do not like deodorant: you may not like to use these chemicals, but make sure that the nature you choose will take care of the message not to leave the colleague on the side breathing their “cê”.

  1. Stinky Mat

This complements the previous paragraph.I even mentioned this issue here , when I talked about choosing the mat to buy.You will sweat (yes, we perspire in the practice of Yoga if you fell here from parachute!), You will stand, will sit, go lie down.If you constantly just wrap your mat still wet and leave it rolled up until the next class, most likely in no time your rug will be exuding the same odor as my never-bathed colleague.So, if you can not keep your mat open by drying and breathing, make sure to wash it from time to time (and do not let this time be long).Spending a batch of alcohol on the mat after practice also helps horrors.

  1. Over-smell

That’s the extreme opposite of Tip 7. It’s the over-smell.There are people who perfume their class as if it were for a ballad.And strong smells bother.There are those who are allergic.Some people do not like it.So, leave the perfume for later.Just like essential oils, essences and anything that has a strong smell.

  1. Take up the space of your mat and also a little there, more there and there …

There are those who like to bring water bottle, towel, coat, sock, eye pillow etc to the room.You have every right in the world to take with you what will bring you comfort during practice.But, please, (this message goes especially to those who practice in crowded groups) keep your material as close to your tapestry as possible (in my case, I do not use my entire rug because of my size, Things about the mat itself).Remember that in practice, all we need is the space of our mat and nothing else.Then respect the space of others.

  1. Speaking of carrying things … towel, please!

If you perspire a lot during practice or if you practice sweating, take a towel with you to dry.Nothing worse than you are practicing and being splashed by the sweat of the next colleague.Argh …

  1. Charge the cell into the room

There have been times when I had to practice with my cell phone on the carpet.My late mother was hospitalized at the time and I could receive an emergency call at any time.So I warned the teacher and left the phone in silent mode.Note that I wrote “silent” and not “vibrating.”There are people who think they decide to leave the cell phone to vibrate.It does not solve.Nothing is more irritating than during savasana that vibrating cell-phone brum-brum.Touching then … I will not say anything.If you take the cell phone to the room and still leave it to play, re-think wire … In any case, if there is a locker where you practice, that’s where your cell phone should be.Otherwise, leave it in the bag, in the silent mode, in a corner of the room that does not disturb anything or anyone.And if you need to leave the phone with you as you will need to answer it at any time, notify your teacher beforehand.

  1. Room complaint

There are people who were born to complain.Santosha zero in the vein.And there are those who complain even within the Yoga room.That’s hot.That it’s cold.That is windy.That the noise from outside disturbs.That beats the sun.That beats shade.Ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!Stop complaining and focus on your practice!I would do some classes where the teacher would like to leave the room completely closed.And that made the temperature rise horrors and I always felt bad for low pressure.Until we reach a “good to all” agreement.Me and the other students who did not get along with the heat were close to the windows and left a little finger of nothing open just to breathe some fresh air.Okay, it’s all settled.Check what actually bothers you and try to equate with the class and the teacher.But if you complain just for complaining, more Yoga, please.

  1. Need to leave the room during practice

I’ve made this gaffe a few times, and so I quit learning.Let’s say you felt bad during practice and needed to leave the room.If it comes back, ok, no problems.But if you think you’re not coming back, signal your teacher to know this instead of letting the poor guy in trouble try to guess what happened to you.

  1. Cheap in underwear during savasana

Savasana translates as “posture of the corpse” and is not for nothing.It’s because during savasana you should stand as if a corpse were.But there are people who are restless by nature and move from here, if you turn from there, yawn, stretch, moan … And it only disturbs the dog!Try to focus on your relaxation and indulge yourself in this enjoyable moment of practice.And if a cockroach really got into her underwear, leave the room.

  1. Talking about savasana …

If you walk away from your practice as soon as savasana begins, it is because you have gone to class to seek only physical postures and not Yoga.Savasana is part of the practice and must be regarded as an integral part of the whole.If you have a commitment in the sequence and will not be able to stay until the end of practice on a given day, notify your teacher beforehand.If this is a routine, rethink your class schedules.

  1. Material scattered around the room

Class is over, you used a notepad, belt, bolster, blanket, and the eskimo.Keep it!Do not leave scattered in the room for the next class to be forced to taste.And when I say “save” I do not mean “play”.Because there are those who think that it is enough to put the whole blanket on top of the other and that means keeping.Or he throws his belts all open and thinks he’s saving.No sir.To keep is to wind up your belt.Carefully fold your blanket.Stack the bolsters.And, if you used school mat borrowed, alcohol in them before returning them (if there are no cleaners).

Post-class lecture

It is healthy and welcome that people want to interact, make friends and talk after practice.But do it in a low tone, remembering that they can have classrooms still doing class.Do not talk like you’re at a free show choosing bananas.Be discreet.

Get the tips!