Renato Rezende Recovers Stolen Bicycle

Bicicross Athlete’s Equipment Was Found With Two Minors, Who Were Seized.

The Olympic bike rider Renato Rezende recovered on Wednesday night (6) his bicycle that had been stolen in the Municipal Park of Poços de Caldas (MG). Through anonymous denunciation, the Military Police managed to locate the bike in the Santa Augusta neighborhood. Two children were apprehended.

In the social networks, Renatinho thanked the work of the police, in addition to the media and the residents of the city.

– Fortunately, thanks to the solidarity of the city’s residents, the press and, especially, the excellent work of the Military Police of Minas Gerais, the criminals were located through an anonymous complaint and the bike was recovered. I would like to leave my THANK YOU to everyone Who helped in the search! AND THANK YOU LORD for bringing her back! HAPPY DEMAAAAAAAISSS!-posted the athlete.

Renatinho had his bike stolen late afternoon late Tuesday. According to the athlete, he gave a special class for students of the city’s Bicicross School, when the theft happened.Although such equipment costs about R $ 7,000, according to experts in the area, Renatinho said he was saddened by the sentimental value of the bike, since he competed with the Pan-American, Brazilian and World Cup championships. More information about how to choose a  bike for children click Cheeroutdoor.