At Microsoft they have been long preparing Visual changes in the interface of Windows 10. The call Project NEON It defines a new design language for all the Visual elements of this operating system, and changes, although iterative, could have a surprising global result.

That is what certainly convey the first leaked screenshots of Windows 10, that you are running a greater emphasis on the fonts and the clarity of all windows and dialog boxes. What we have seen, of course, promises. What do you think?

An interface with many approaches (and blurs)

One of the problems that has been blamed you to Windows 10 is the inconsistency of some Visual sections, and that is another area in which Project NEON will try to unify elements to give more coherence to the entire interface.

This consistency will join Visual animations and also a philosophy in which simplicity and the use of fonts as a centre of expertise they resemble the interface that we saw in the Zune.

Among the highlights is a component named “Acrylic” that will make the window comes into focus but the background, sidebar or navigation of a window area is desenfoquen: the idea here is to help the user to focus on what is important. The call Conscious UI combined with the Connected Animations so that the interface does not distract us, but contributes to productivity with these Visual AIDS.

These visual changes are also prepared to take advantage of other platforms that will work Windows 10 and especially the HoloLens, where those visuals will behave differently to as they will make it on the desktop. The set of filtered images show a really attractive interface.

It hopes that these changes begin to be implemented – although this is not confirmed – Redstone 3. Still we have to wait a few months, for first will reach Redstone 2 (“Creators Update”), the update that will arrive in April. Patience.

Project NEON: This Is The Future Appearance of Windows 10, and We like