EU Commission even ban on energy-saving lamps is now planning after the light bulb ban . LED is the only alternative to the old light bulbs.

Only against short, polluting light bulbs were banned by the EU. The bulbs disappear thus until 2012 across from the shelves of dealers and will be unable to buy. Reason for the light bulb ban is quite simple, because the Gluhleuchtmittel as just bulb or glow plug convert up to 95% of the energy in heat. Rest is for the production of light. Efficiency of the LED, however, is much higher as in thread bulbs. So is credited with environment in a simple way.

With energy-saving bulbs, experts from Brussels complain, however, often very poor light of energy saving light bulbs, as well as a big carbon footprint. Because each energy-saving lamps (ESL) contains highly toxic mercury, or mercury vapors at fluorescent lamps for man and nature.
Also, energy saving light bulbs are hazardous waste like also fluorescent tubes. But it has been taken in Germany only a fraction of the purchased energy-saving bulbs to recycling centres, most bulbs are simply disposed in household waste. The number of backscatter of less amounts to countries where environmental awareness is not so pronounced, in other EU.

Here, one of the biggest advantages of LED is lighting. LED lamps contain no toxins and unnecessary burden the environment in which we all live. There are also different light colors, because the LED offers this wide range of light, from warm white to cold white.

It won’t be long and the halogen light bulbs will disappear also from market such as light bulbs and energy saving lamps. The future belongs to clear the LED lighting.

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Prohibition of Energy Saving Light Bulbs – LED Alternative
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