With this amplifier combination of primary could be a dream true: you get high end sound, the electric bill goes down and you can also save yourself a player.

Pre amplifier combined with integrated streaming Board

  • Primare pre 32 (2100 EUR)
  • Primare A34. 2 (2100 EUR)
  • Primare MM 30 (1200 EUR)

The formula for success, the Primare holds almost 25 years, is based on three factors: sophisticated, State of the art technology, perfect workmanship, dreaming safe Scandinavian design. Because on the last two points simply nothing improve, has developed an amazing creativity for the manageable size of business and is the Swedish developer team one sighted in recent years more and more on point.


The Pre32 and the A34. 2 bring the spirit of the company to the fore: at first glance they simply form a beautiful pre amplifier combination. But behind the cool, shimmering precision-milled fronts, solid technology surprises await. So, the symmetrical precursor offers sub-systems tipped gain modules on own mini boards for each of the four signal cables – a structure that would be in material and design, just like the opulent power supply, significantly more expensive Preamps to shame. You need the latter then also, sonically are completely neutral, clear transparent and grippy dynamically playing prepress trashes. A comparable beautiful display anyway, nowhere else can be found – razor sharp OLED can colorize itself over the extensive menu in an arbitrary RGB color.

Network Player

The display could much more than it must – show even if surprise number two is active, here the optional network player / DAC Board. Title name, details of game time and file format played off? Unfortunately absent. Also, the remote control has no power over the installation streamer, is its meaningful use an iPhone or similar iSpielzeug necessary – in the case of the cheapest one (used around 100 euros to have) iPod touch. However, with the free, clean programmed Primare app, everything worked as intuitive as quickly, and the crisp, precise sound of the built-in player left no room to overtake even for analog connected compared digital luminaries such as the Linn sneaky.

Practice test

The practice characteristics, there are, however, still challenges for the developer. Especially the dropouts-free playback of mesh transitioning songs (“gapless”) should be upgraded soon: as well the ability, even without more participation of control app an once begun track list ends to play. Unlike at the Networkers in a very dynamic development of the specifications is manageable with power amplifiers: the things you want to reinforce, otherwise nothing. With, and since the term cleanliness obtained it then but again difficult to equal double meaning: tonal dirt effects are now out, efficiency and for environmental protection, however, mega – in. Best so an amp draws barely more power from the electricity grid, as it emits to the speakers, even a green soul has so in addition to the audiophile. This Exchange is primary in the A34. 2 with a class D amplifier, which as usual but does not buy the Sweden, but concocted himself. Fast switching and a clever adaptive feedback strategy should almost power device (UFPD) high efficiency with fine, natural sound marry in this ultra – a wedding, which was often heralded, but performed only rarely convincing.

Hearing test

The tester had concerns, to give their blessing to the 34.2 of the Naim NAP155XS comparison listening. Incredibly powerful she played on from the first minute, for it but also a little sallow in the midrange and less alive than the British power amplifier. The Swede seemed to thaw but then – after some dozen hours and disproved the theory, the “Digital”-amps can sound not playing remain enormous pressure full, now but also credible fine lining. That the Naim colorful and playful musical was still something that could compensate for the primary with their greater control in complex and noisy passages – she is an extremely reliable and fantastic-looking partner for any kind of music.


Stacking is not a problem, since the A34. 2 in operation virtually cold remains. More devices are unnecessary, because a top source already is in the Pre32 – Scandinavian practically.


Primare Pre Amplifier Combination in the Test