The Norwegian DAB radio Pinell Go is the perfect speaker, having on the road-the entire 24 hours of battery time, offer it on.

DAB radio Pinell Go allows you to have music on the road and it has a battery time of more than 24 hours-when the battery is fully charged.

The Norwegian company Pinell has delivered a mini Malian speaker in a solid quality and Nordic design.

Pinell Go is right now the best selling DAB radio in Norway, and has been test-winner in both Norway, Sweden and England.

The speaker takes up not much, but playing both strongly and deeply. Pinell Go can receive both the FM, DAB and DAB + signals.

Pinell Go has taken one and a half years to develop from the first prototype, which has given the delicious details both when it comes to design and use. For example, so you can connect your mobile phone via a supplied red fabric cord, and set both the bass and treble separately.

Danmarks Radio shuts off shuts down, moreover, for the General DAB signal by the end of 2014, instead of going over to the new DAB + signal.

You can buy Pinell Go in Danish shops from the 14. January 2014 for a suggested retail price of 1,799 crowns, in colors of Frosty White, Carbon Black, Fiery Red and Deep Sea Green. You can already pre-order it on our site.


Portable DAB Radio with 24 Hours of Battery Time on Road
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