PayPal Closes Siege of File Sharing Sites

A few months after Megaupload crisis, it seems that PayPal seems to be taking its rain horse to avoid any coming from giants processes entertainment. A change made ​​in terms of tool use listed a series of rules that file sharing sites should follow.

Among the demands made ​​by the giant of payments is the user restriction can climb illegal files, including piracy. Sites that do not prove to PayPal that monitor shared files and have a prevention against piracy at risk of being permanently banned tool. This means that any site that has followed the same line of Kim Dotcom business will have to find alternative forms of payment.

A representative of the site MediaFire spoke to TorrentFreak about it. Since last month the site no longer accepts payments by PayPal after a series of conversations with the company that made ​​other requirements as to how they dealt with the files of users. Already the British company PutLocker said he gave up to use PayPal for finding invasive the new policy: “We already have a strict policy against this sort of thing, do not feel nothing comfortable with another company snooping data of our users.”

Apparently the turbulence caused by the case Megaupload has not passed. This is not the first time that PayPal change its policy or prohibits using your tool services. In 2010, the company has blocked all donations received by Wikileaks.