Learn to apply the blush is one of the necessary steps for a perfect makeup, since it enhances the face, giving light and life. The blush should be applied according to the shape of your face.

Here we will give you an idea of How to apply blush according to your face shape:

Oval Face
The best way to apply the blush in a oval face is starting at the top of the cheekbone and down even a bit above where it sinks the cheek. Avoid passing close to the eyes and nose. You can use a brighter tone in the cheek bones and forehead, nose and Chin.

Round Face
The priority is to make the face look more elongated. To do this, you must give an outline to the face and tune it. To do this apply the blush in a darker powder in diagonal lines under the cheekbone and extending up to the Chin. Apply a little more underneath the cheekbones. Of course, without exaggeration.

Square Face
In front of the mirror, smile and apply a color of blush brighter on the protruding parts of your face. Then, using a thick bristle brush, apply the blush more below the cheekbone to mark well the strokes. If your forehead is wide, apply dark shadow on the sides going until the end of the eyebrows.

Triangular Face
You should use stronger color blush in the Chin and most protruding area of the cheeks. You can use a darker shade on the sides. Pass the brush from the Centre to the sides straight. You can’t miss!

2-as Regards the Skin Tone:

If your skin is clear, but it looks rosy, we recommend blush of Orange tones. However if your skin as well as clear is too pale, you should use a blush pink.

The brunette has greater variety in choosing, because the pink blushes or coffee shades are a great option for them. Not so much orange tones which highlight just the yellow skin. You can choose your blush color according to your skin tone, but also according to the shade of hair that naturally have.

The black woman should use the blush on tone red, purple or bronze. Avoid the darker shades.

For the blonde, the pink colour will always be a right decision. To redhead, tom coffee of course will give you a neutral and bright look, but never the reds. The woman whose hair is too dark or black, a blush on tone beige or nude, it’s going to be soft and sweet. For women with dark hair normal, there are no major restrictions. The pink blushes or with more yellowish pigments give a good result.

If you balance these two forms of choice of color of blush, looking at both the skin and the color your hair, you won’t go wrong. Of course, everything without overdoing it!

3-Skin Types:

In stores specializing in beauty products you can find a variety of blushes. The color and the formula are essential for you to make a good choice. If you choose wrong, not taking into account your skin type to pass the blush he can expose all the imperfections of your face, enlarged pores, dryness, veins, etc.

In fact, the blushes aren’t limited to the compact version, so you must learn the main differences between them. Choose the blush “ideal” is a matter of taste, but you will make it easier if you use one that suits your skin type. For more details, take a look at this quick guide:

  • Dry skin:The blushes in cream or mousse are the best. Adhere very well to your skin and makes her wetter.
  • Oily skin:The blushes, powder or compact versions are the best. They generally last longer (an advantage to oily skin) and help in the absorption of fat.
  • Sensitive skin:The blushes should be hypoallergenic, organic or mineral.
  • Combination skin or normal:the best blushes are the powder or mousse for a more natural finish and the creamy type leaves a result more matte.
Pass the Blush according to Your Face Shape
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