Panasonic Lumix GH5, The Hybrid Who Dreams Of Being Movie Camera

In the face of the Sony Alpha, Panasonic draw a GH5 video specifications without equivalent: 4 K to 60 p, madness flows, recording Professional 4:2:2, etc. A racing machine that embodies convergence perfect photograph.

With the GH series, Panasonic has emerged as the King of the video in the segment of cameras and now it will retain his crown with its new GH5, according to a2zcamerablog.

Taking the DSLR look of the GH, the GH5 team is a new sensor 20 Mpix, improved version of that found in the GX8. The comparison with this case stops there since the GH5 has a technical sheet of more muscular at all levels: new EVF OLED HDTV (3.8 Mpix!), new touchscreen 1.62 Mpix, double stabilization mechanical and optical, fully tropicalized case, double (including a UHS – II) SD card reader, etc.To read: Test: Panasonic Lumix G80, the best value in the history of the hybrid

Who says new case said new image processor, a component now key in cameras, here named Venus Engine. This latest version which would be 6 x more powerful than the GH4 offers the GH5 modes photo and unpublished video as 4K at 60 frames per second, or 6K photo at 30 frames per second – it pushes even the photo 4K at 60 frames per second

Autonomy on the rise

In addition to the electronic tweaks – lower consumption of components, improvements of the algorithms, etc. – Panasonic has used the same trick as for the excellent G80 to improve the battery in photo: Advanced an eco mode which maintain the unit in a State of stasis. This ‘trick’ will allow photographers to avoid turning off their case in each sequence of shooting, and would offer a range of 1,000 pictures per charge, an equivalent to some SLRs and far superior to the traditional 400 shots of normal mode.

With the optional grip, autonomy “eco” would rise to 2,000 images, a value that might interest number of reporters, as the box is 100% alloy of magnesium and tropicalized.

4K cinema

What distinguishes the GH the other Panasonic G – and indeed of the competition – is that it does not record the ‘vulgar’ 4 h UHD but also of the 4K cinema, a definition which offers more pixels in width (4096 against 3840 in UHD). The number of video modes available in the GH5 will be what answer the majority of the needs of videographers, professionals included.

The GH5 integrates so logically a microphone input and a headphone but also a professional XLR digital connectors available through an optional accessory that plugs into the hot shoe flash. It was high time that Panasonic offers a simple solution to get a sound signal of quality inside the housing.

Software changes already planned

Not yet available on the shelves, the GH5 already has a roadmap including two updates. The first will take place in April 2017 and will bring a Full HD 4:2:2 10bits internal mode. The second update, considered as major, will arrive at the second semestre2017 and will transform the GH5 in real professional camera: 4K cinema 4:2:2 10bits All-Intra mode (images are entirely coded), mode Full HD 4:2:2 10bits happening too in All-Intra, but also a mode 4 K HDR (through a hybrid gamma log file) and the support of registration anarmorphique. For information, the 4K cinema 4:2:2 10bits All-Intra mode will charge no less than 400 Mbps. A record flow which explains the late availability of this function: memory cards able to cash these speeds will be available in the second quarter of 2017!

New optical

The appearance of the GH5 is the opportunity for Panasonic to introduce a new pro, the opening 12-60 mm Leica zoom slippery f/2, 8-4. A 24-120 mm equivalent internal components have been optimized for video (silent engine) and that should offer good optical performance, had regard to the words “Leica”, the high-end of Panasonic Micro 4/3 lenses.

The Lumix GH5 will be available current March 2017-€1999 body only and €2599 with Leica 12-60 mm f / 2.8 – 4. The grip will be proposed at the same time at €349 and the XLR adapter 399. Rates high but in line with the promises of professional video quality of the GH5. We will check all of that in the very next test.