Overview: iOS 7 Is Ready, 10 Tips for iOS 7 and Galaxy S5 in Aluminium

Apple has released their latest iOS update, but the mobile industry has also featured on the second last week.

Apple’s release of their latest software update for iOS 7 has filled much the past week. You can look at the new iOS here.

But apart from that, Apple has released iOS 7, so is the sale of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c just started in the first countries – more will follow in the coming weeks/months. Rumors believe to know that in Denmark is the sales start on June 18. October.

This week has also featured on the notification of the absolute best designed the Huawei Ascend phone to date – P6. As well as rumors that Samsung lurking on about Galaxy S5 must be in aluminium – and perhaps with the new operating system.

As well as Asus has announced that Nexus 7 hit the Danish stores in October.