A new update for the application from the our site provides new features and completely new design-it is ready for download.

First February 2012 for the first time, we could reveal our iPhone application-and now it is at long last ready in a new and redesigned version.

When we saw in the month of March came with the long-awaited Android-version, so was this in a new and different design. This has, of course, we also wanted to be able to offer iPhone users, but the application has had to wait for it.

-“We are happy and proud, and be able to say that our long-awaited update of our iOS app for iPhone today is available in the App Store. One of the reasons why it has drawn out a little is that we would make sure to have it completely compatible with iOS 7 from the start, “says Thomas Ulvedal, sales manager at our site.

In the updated version, you now have the opportunity, among other things, to read news, reviews and watch web-tv. The news can also be sorted by interest, so would, for example, only to read Apple news, so you can choose to read the articles excluded, coming on them.

-“Another new feature of the application is now that it is possible to read the comments under the articles, as well as commenting on these directly on the application. The first time you use the application displays a guide to the new features, “says Thomas Ulvedal.

You can not do without a regular news feed from our site, so you can enable notifications, so you’ll be notified each time, published a news item on Our site.

It is also possible to share articles with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and directly by mail.

Download the application, our site, for free in Apple’s App Store.




Source: appsto.re

Our Site Is Ready with the iOS App in New and Redesigned Version
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